Google has launched a new update to its Maps application on Sept. 30 and it entails the integration of Google Calendar into the app. The move is designed to make it easier for users to get where they need to go.

Those who successfully upgraded their Google Maps will begin seeing events from their calendar directly from their app. According to Google, this will allow users to save time as they can navigate their daily tasks and travel to their destinations and appointments.

It also means that each user's experience when using the app is personalized according to their needs. This is made possible through the app's capability to pull out information relevant at a particular time, place and situation.

Google has also introduced a functionality that collates upcoming calendar events. When a user taps the tab dedicated to this information, he or she will be able to see upcoming events or appointments and add them to the map accordingly so it can provide appropriate directions. What is even more interesting is that Maps can automatically provide directions to the next scheduled event or engagement.

The search giant states that the new changes are easy to use. All the user needs to do is sign in to both Google Maps and Google Calendar and add a location whenever an event is entered into the user's calendar. This can be done in the "Where" field once a new entry is being set up.

Naturally, Google is also mindful that users are not stressed or inundated by a wealth of information when using Google Maps. So there is an option to turn off the feature or customize the experience by toggling useless or bothersome information through a dedicated content manager.

Additionally, Google has explained that the update also highlights how it is throwing Gmail and Google contacts into the fray. In a statement sent to Venture Beat, the tech company said that confirmation emails for hotel, plane and restaurant reservations are also going to show up in Maps as events, particularly in the Upcoming tab.

Tech Times has reported that Google is beta testing an Explore feature in the recently released beta version of Maps, which involves a new interface that serves as an alternate view for finding local attractions and businesses. It appears that it is not part of the update.

Users should take note that the latest Google Maps update is gradual. So when no update is presently available, they can be reassured that it is on its way. It is also available for Android users only. There is no word yet as to when the update heads to iOS devices.

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