Making use of Apple Maps when traveling by Amtrak in the United States is going to give iOS users more information about all the routes.

Last year when the routes for Amtrak were first added to Apple Maps in iOS 9, it was welcomed by many who were hoping for more information about intercity routes. At that point, the Amtrak routes added were concentrated in the Northeast Corridor and many were hoping that other areas would be included soon. The Amtrak routes added last year included those covered by the Acela Express trains and the Maple Leaf, which travels from New York to Toronto, Canada.

In the Oct. 2 update to Apple Maps, there was a major revision to Amtrak routes - finally those in the Midwest, Northwest, South, and West of the United States were added. With this addition, the entire network of Amtrak's routes in the United States is covered by Apple Maps and this is going to be immensely beneficial to those who use trains to travel between cities.

With the latest update to Amtrak routes in Apple Maps, several cities like Montréal and Vancouver have also been included, which is going to be especially useful to those going to Canada. Other important northeastern routes include those such as Adirondack, which extends from New York and Montréal.

However, in spite of Apple Maps providing iOS users with extensive transit options, the service is only now catching up with Google Maps. PhoneArena points out that the lackluster performance of Apple Maps even led Scott Forstall, who previously headed Apple's mobile software division, to leave the company in 2012.

Several updates later, the app is now being heralded as one of the best elements of iOS. New features like the ability to find where cars have been parked have been catching user's attention. This particular feature to find a parked car was added when iOS 10 was released in September. It relies on an iPhone sensing when a user stops driving their car and parks it. The location of the parked car is then stored on Apple Maps and the user will get a notification to help them find their car later.

Other major changes that arrived on Apple Maps in iOS 10 include a "Ride" option that can be used to get on a car that is operated by services like Uber. For the full list of Amtrak train routes that were added on the latest Apple Maps update, it is available here - hat tip to MacRumors for the info.

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