Netflix is all about beefing up its content with quality original programming for its viewers. Between recent breakout hits like Stranger Things and Marvel's Luke Cage, there are plenty of binge-worthy series being added every month. And the streaming platform is making sure that it continues to cater to its younger audiences as well.

Netflix announced on Thursday, Oct. 6 that is adding is new original animated seres to its lineup targeted for kids of all ages. These include LEGO Elves, The Hollow, Kibaoh Klashers, Robozuna, Treehouse Detectives and Super Monsters.

Available for younger children of preschool age next year are two of the new shows, Treehouse Detectives and Super Monsters. Treehouse Detectives is exactly how it sounds, a series where a brother and sister bear are investigators solving mysteries with the audience. Super Monsters is about a gang of playful monsters who are trying to tame their super powers.

The other four series are better suited for older kids and are packed with lots of action to keep them captivated so that parents have a break. These include LEGO Elves, which is about a team of humans and elves that live in a magical forest that are on a mission to protect their world from an evil goblin, as well as The Hollow, which is about strangers who stumble on a mystery world.

Also being added is Kibaoh Klashers, which is about a car-racing beetle and Robozuna, which tells the story of a teenage boy and his robot who fight to take down an evil empire.

These new series will add a little bit more magic, mystery and adventure to the types of titles available on the platform.

"At Netflix, we celebrate creativity and love sharing stories that expose kids to new and inspiring worlds," Andy Yeatman, director of global kids content for Netflix said in a press release. "We work with the best storytellers in the industry to craft shows like these that unlock children's imaginations."

It should come to no surprise that Netflix is expanding its original titles for kids. That's because the platform's CFO David Wells recently announced plans to increase the amount of original programming to make up a total of 50 percent of its library.

But expanding its original programming comes at a cost. According to a recent report, Netflix previously had around 11,000 titles available on its service four years ago. Today it only has around 5,300.

This just further reveals how the company has switched gears to focus on producing more in-house content rather than spending major bucks on limited-time licensing deals.

LEGO Elves will launch worldwide on the platform in 2017, as well as Kibaoh Klashers and Super Monsters. Robozuna will debut in early 2018 worldwide and in the UK after its premiere on CITV, whereas TreeHouse Detectives will debut worldwide in 2018 with a South Korea launch date coming later, and The Hollow will be released exclusively on Netflix in 2018.

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