Some users received an email over the weekend from Amazon that informed them of a password change that the online retail company applied to their accounts on the service.

Amazon decided to change the passwords of some users upon the discovery of a list of email addresses and passwords that were leaked online. While the list of credentials is not stated to be those of accounts on the online retail platform, the company still decided to make the password changes, knowing that some users utilize the same email address and passwords for several online accounts.

The authenticity of the email announcing the password change and the reason behind the move was confirmed by a spokesperson for Amazon.

"At Amazon we take your security and privacy very seriously," the email wrote, adding that the list of email addresses and passwords was discovered as part of the company's routine monitoring. For users whom Amazon believed could be among the ones with their email address and password on the list, they have been given a temporary password.

Users can log in to their accounts with the temporary password the next time that they log in to Amazon. They can then choose to reset their password into something they can remember easier through the Password Assistance page of the website.

In changing the temporary password, Amazon recommends that users should choose one that is not shared with any other account. For added security, users can also enable the website's two-step verification feature, which will require users to input a unique security code in addition to their password when signing in.

This is not the first time that Amazon has done such a thing, with the last one back in April. While some users may be annoyed that the company has reset their password, it is always better to be cautious when dealing with cybersecurity, as there are too many things that can go wrong once a hacker or someone with bad intentions gets ahold of a user's supposedly secure online account.

In addition to ensuring the safety of its customers, other things that Amazon is doing to keep customers invested in its platform is the addition of services that its users would enjoy. According to rumors, one such service that Amazon is looking to add is a new music streaming service that will be launched next year, which will challenge on-demand music apps such as Apple Music and Spotify. In addition, Amazon is also said to be working on a separate Echo-based music service.

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