Now that Halloween is creeping upon us, there is no better time then now to check out all the holiday-related titles and content that are being added in the app stores.

In spirit of Halloween, many of our favorite apps and mobile games have recently released updates that include new material that is specifically dedicated to the upcoming celebration of tricks and treats and ghosts and goblins.

While there are plenty of titles out there that will scare players silly, the following list takes a more lighthearted approach to All Hallow's Eve, so that even scaredy-cats can still enjoy them in the spirit of feeling festive.

We unearthed the most jovial yet slight spooky titles that are worth checking out during the rest of the month. Here are the best mobile games and updates for this Halloween.

iIrving: The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

iClassic Collections, the creators behind the interactive apps like iPoe and iLovecraft, just launched a new title to its lineup that features the iconic story from Washington Irving. Users will be able to experience the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow like never before with its chilling soundtrack, moving animations that make the story come to life and original words from the author with the iIrving collection. There is no greater ghost story than this legend to read on Halloween.

This interactive Sleepy Hollow story app is available to download for iOS and Android for the special price of $2.99.

Disney Emoji Blitz Halloween Update

Disney Emoji Blitz is the addictive mobile game that is similar to Candy Crush, but instead features popular Disney and Pixar characters that can then be unlocked so that their emojis can be sent via texts to friends.

Disney has just launched a Halloween update to the app that includes themed emojis such as Mickey Mouse jack-o'-lantern, candy corn, Hatbox Ghost and Abominable Snowman. There is the ability to earn more than 60 different prizes while playing with the new Halloween content.

Disney Emoji Blitz is available to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android.

WithMoji Halloween Update

WithMoji is the iOS app that allows users to create their own customized 3D avatar modeled after themselves that can be sent directly in iMessage. Think of it as a Sims version of a Bitmoji that allows you to choose your own individual look and style. The app features various animated stickers including the recently added Halloween stickers. This includes the avatar's head spinning around Exorcist-style and a "Spooky!" sticker with a pumpkin head.

WithMoji is available to download for free for iOS.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Halloween Update

The popular Kingdom Hearts mobile game also got a new update that brings Halloween content to its magical world. While the player continues to overcome the Darkness with Disney heroes, the new update brings with it limited-edition events and prizes. Celebrate Halloween in Daybreak Town with new character costumes like a pumpkin prince or princess, a vampire or mummy Donald Duck.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is available to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android.

Hallow Scream Kik Bot

Developed by the media company Sequel, Hallow Scream is the insanely entertaining choose-your-own-adventure story. The premise is that the player must make it out of the creepy scenario alive to beat the odds to be the final one standing. Perfect for those who like the comment how dumb some girls are in horror films, the player is put to the test and asked to choose their own destiny to escape the killer.

Hallow Scream is available for free in the Kik Bot shop.

Also check out the Murder Mystery Game bot that requires four players to see which of your friends can survive.

Oz: Broken Kingdom Halloween Update

If players thought the Tin Man was pretty great at battling the Wicked Witch, wait until they check out Jack Pumpkinhead, the new playable hero in Oz: Broken Kingdom. Tossing pumpkins from his hat, Jack Pumpkinhead packs a serious punch to nail the enemy. The character uses vines and voodoo magic and has 20 unlockable abilities.

He is part of a new Halloween update that includes the addition of the Rainbow Road game mode that can be unlocked at level 10. In this mode, players enter the rainbows of Oz to battle against the Great Darkness, with every wave won giving new rewards and bonuses.

Pumpkinhead Jack can be unlocked in the game with a lucky Jack Coin toss or by collecting enough Prisms in Rainbow Road.

Oz: Broken Kingdom is available to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android. 

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