Despite the fact that some users reported that updating to iOS 10 caused their iPhones to crash, with some temporarily experiencing "bricking," Apple has since stated that the issue has been fixed. Those who are brave enough to have already updated the software will be pleasantly surprised with all the new changes.

While the changes might take some time to get used to, notifications, iMessage and Apple Music aren't the only things to get a facelift.

With the release of iOS 10 comes the addition of more than 70 new emojis.

Besides releasing brand new characters, many of the emojis included for iOS 10 feature variations of preexisting ones. This includes multiple skin tones and genders and feature makeovers to the look of the people emojis to now appear more lifelike.

There are now people emojis for various ages like a child, teen (the female has a ponytail), adult and a grandma or grandpa. All people emojis are available in various skin tones with different hair colors.

Other people emojis include the single parent with one or two children, a person bowing deeply and a man or woman with a pouting face.

Among the new gendered emojis include a female version of a police officer, construction worker and a spy, to finally better represent the various jobs and roles of women. There are are male versions of emojis that have, up until now, been associated with women, such as the sassy information desk woman to now feature a man, men with bunny ears, a man gesturing "not OK" and a man getting haircut.

Along with the focus on gender equality, there are also many new emojis dedicated to sports, which also are available as male and female characters. These include a female runner (with both options getting an updated wardrobe to no longer be running in jeans), a female surfer and a weightlifter. There are also basketball players, rowers, golfers, swimmers and mountain bike cyclists in both both genders.

Other emojis worth noting are the fist bump, pointer finger down, an ear, honey pot, cookie and the rainbow flag. Users will also notice the water gun that replaced the pistol and the proposed rifle emoji never made the cut. There is also no pregnant woman, bacon or pancakes yet.

There is no more pistol and some other bizarre ones that may never be used, like the man or woman getting a face massage, the one eye or the bank emoji.

Update to iOS 10 to start sending the new emojis today.

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