Since launching last month, the App Store for iMessage has enabled the messaging app for iOS to sing a slighty different tune. That's because users can do a whole lot more than just text friends, with the ability to download and play games directly in the app, as well as use sticker packs and other app extensions to make it much more interactive, social and fun.

And now Pandora users will probably get up and do a happy dance when they hear this latest news that will surely be music to their ears: iMessage just added in-app support for Pandora.

Pandora announced on Thursday, Oct. 13 the launch of its its extension for iMessage, which further provides a way for iOS users and music lovers alike to talk about and share the artists and songs they are currently obsessed with.

Serving as yet another way for users to discover new music, Pandora for iMessage lets users send songs directly to their contacts via text.

To use Pandora in iMessage, iPhone customers first must make sure they have updated to iOS 10 to be able to access the new App Store. Tap on the app store icon in a message, followed by the grid symbol, "Store" and then search for Pandora. Make sure to enable the keyboard extension in the "Manage" section of the App Store as well.

After downloading the extension in iMessage App store, the song that user is currently playing on Pandora will automatically pop up under "Now Playing" when they launch iMessage.

If they know the perfect person who would enjoy this song, they can then share it with them without having to exit and go back to the Pandora app.

This makes Pandora the first music streaming service to offer in-app iMessage support.

The recipient can then listen to a 30-second preview of the song directly in their message thread. If they like what they hear, they then have the option of creating their own artist station (tap the "Start Station" button) based on the track on Pandora.

The Pandora extension for iMessage also features track suggestions that consist of handpicked songs that are selected by curators at the music stream service. These include tracks that are perfect for sharing, as well as those based on mood or capturing a specific kind of moment.

Users can also manually search for a track they have in mind to send in a message.

Pandora for iMessage also comes with a sticker pack. This includes 12 custom stickers that can be used as a reaction to the song shared by a contact.

The Pandora extension is now available in the iMessage App Store.

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