While there are so many new features included in iOS 10, those who love to text will find they can't get enough of the updates to iMessage.

Now that users can tap to send kisses, draw animations and download emoji and sticker packs from the newly-launched iMessage App Store, chatting with family and friends just got a whole lot more interactive and fun.

There is now no reason to have to leave Apple's messaging app when having a conversation. That's because the new App Store allows users to download games and other cool apps to use directly in iMessage.

While it can be overwhelming to get used to this new App Store and find what is worth downloading, Tech Times shopped around to bring you a roundup of the titles that users will want to check out.

Here are the best games and apps available in the iMessage App Store.

(To download games and apps, launch iMessage and open a conversation or start a new message and tap on the App Store icon to the left of the text field. Tap on the grid icon and then "Store")

1. Words With Friends

We've all played Words with Friends at some point, and now, users can play the game directly when texting with its iMessage integration. Players can invite friends to compete against others from their contact list instead of annoyingly asking them on Facebook. They also don't need to leave their convo when it's their turn to play, making the speed of game move more quickly.

Words with Friends is available to download for free. 

2. Genius: Song Lyrics + Music Knowledge 

Created for the lyrics platform Genius, this app allows users to send photos with text featuring lines from their favorite songs. Users can choose from Genius' library of photos, such as a photo of Drake, or upload their own. The image also includes the artist and track name so the recipient knows exactly which song the sender is referring to.

Genius: Song Lyrics + Music Knowledge is available to download for free.

3. Circle Pay

This app will come in handy for users who want to spilt the bill with friends when out to eat, or when they owe their parents some money. Circle Pay is a payment app that allows users to securely send money to contacts without a fee. Money can be also be sent internationally in foreign currency like euros and even Bitcoins.

Circle Play is available to download for free

4. GamePigeon

GamePigeon brings multiple games directly to the user's conversations so that they can play with their friends while chatting. Games include: 8-Ball (Pool), Poker, Sea Battle (Battleship), Anagrams and Homoku. More games are expected to be added soon.

GamePigeon is available to download for free.

5. Do With Me