King Launches 'Shuffle Cats': Can The New Multiplayer Game Replicate 'Candy Crush's' Success?


Game developer King Digital — synonymous with Candy Crush — has launched its first-ever multiplayer card game dubbed Shuffle Cat for mobile devices and Facebook.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, the mobile game publisher, which was acquired by Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion in November 2015, announced that it is releasing the game for both iOS and Android platforms.

"Our very first multiplayer game is available now on iOS and Android. Join the Shuffle Cats as they prowl the rooftops of Lucky Lane, getting into card games with the best players around the world! Win in-game gems and XP rewards while basking in the glorious glow of victory!" revealed King in statement.

Shuffle Cats is not only multiplayer but also a real-time card game, giving fans plenty of excitement to look forward to. The game will enable players worldwide to compete live with each other through the updated mobile version of Rummy, the classic card game.

Shuffle Cats is set in London, in the 1920s and the protagonists of the game are a slew of felines who skulk over rooftops to indulge in illegal card games. The game has been styled in an artsy manner and creates an aristocratic world of feline characters. Players will have help from Montie, who is the mentor for new gamers. Then there is Walter, who is a master of mini-games and a "Lucky Charm maker."

The game is a take on the traditional Rummy card game but offers several cool features such as social chats, multiple gameplay modes, etc. The game's mechanics are pretty simple but one needs an internet access since it offers real-time competition.

To win in Shuffle Cats the game has to basically make Melds, which are three or more cards that have the same rank or sequential cards in the same suit — and as many as possible. Each player takes turns to place the Meld; each card is assigned one point; and the first player to attain a certain score wins a match.

When a gamer is successful, they get rewarded with gems. These gems enable one to access any one of the Card Clubs - there are eight in total.

At the end of each game, all the cards one has played gets restocked from the deck. When each round begins, the gamer pulls out a new card, which is either picked from a stack that is face down or the top card that your opponent has discarded.

Players can win in-game money in Shuffle Cats and there are also Lucky Charms — or power-up items — that add a twist to the game. For instance, the lightning bolt zap will reduce your opponent's score by a point. Another Lucky Charm gives the option to freeze the rival's cards for a few turns.

Shuffle Cats is available on iOS or Android for free.

Will the game replicate Candy Crush's success? Judging by the gameplay and hype, it seems King is on to yet another winner!

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