Handhelds that are on display at stores are usually tethered to desks. The security cable is a simple system of making sure that the devices stay where they are, preventing malicious entities from easily walking away with them.

Of course, this security method comes with a tradeoff. It limits the customer's ability to scrutinize the device since there's little freedom of movement.

Apple, which is always looking for ways to differentiate its brand from the rest, wants to change this problem and give its customers better freedom to test its devices on display. That's right, Cupertino is cutting the cord and will no longer tie down iPhones to desks at Apple Stores.

This piece of information comes in via a recent CNET report on Apple's new flagship store in London. The online publication noted of the untethered iPhones on display.

"Apple says this is to allow people to hold them properly, try cases on them and even see how they feel in your pocket," writes CNET's Katie Collins.

But although the handhelds will be untethered, walking out with one still won't be easy. Apple has security measures in place to deter and catch mischievous people who are looking to score free iPhones from its stores.

The handhelds will trigger an alarm if they are taken out of an Apple Store. Moreover, the iPhones will be good as bricks once out of the location. The handhelds on display will probably have a software baked in that renders them unusable if they're not returned.

It's also safe to assume that Apple will be tracking these handhelds. Not to mention that there will be Apple personnel keeping an eye on these devices. Hidden CCTV cameras are also likely to be in place.

Nonetheless, not every device will be untethered. MacBooks and iPads will still be tethered to the desks. There's really no point in removing the cords in these bigger devices since they're not going to fit in pockets anyway and most of the testing are better off with a stable platform.

Other news outlets report that Apple will be implementing the untethered-iPhones-on-display scheme on its other locations. In fact, two other Apple Stores within the UK have already rid the handhelds on their cords. An Apple Store in Canada is also said to have done the same thing.

Cupertino is yet to comment on when this scheme will be implemented on its stores in the United States.

The new main Apple Store in London will open its doors to the public this Saturday, Oct. 15.

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