Mobile security is gaining lift in the consumer and enterprise medium, and iPhones certainly have an upper hand over Android when it comes to out-of-the-box security.

However, you can never be too defended against prying eyes on the internet, so we are lining up a few apps that can transform your iPhone into an impenetrable cyber-fortress.


The iPhone packs some default good messaging options in form of iMessage, but Signal is king of the hill when looking for encryption-based chat apps. One great perk of Signal is that it assures discretion against the myriad of people wanting to snoop around your photos, texts and phone calls.

In early October, Signal showcased its prowess when it was unable to hand over any personal user information to the FBI. The reason for this is that the app does not collect any data from its users.

Enterprises such as Facebook and Google are deploying similar encryption systems as Signal in their proprietary chat apps. However, to get the Signal-level of confidentiality in bigger apps, users must toy a lot with the default settings. With Signal, users are able to easily and quickly get the best of both security and usability.

Download Signal from the Apple Store.

Onion Browser

Mobile browsing in Safari is A-OK, but you know it could be even better?

Meet Onion Browser, a software powered by the Tor anonymity network, which encrypts all web traffic, thus avoiding both censorship and prying eyes.

Not only will websites be unable to spot your IP address, but service providers and wireless networks will remain in the dark about your browsing history as well.

The Onion Browser also permits users to peruse .onion websites.

The app could be handy to those who require extra privacy, be it because of their job, geographical area, country or other reason.

Download the Onion Browser from the Apple Store.


Those who use multiple platforms where each is guarded by a safe password should know that there is a way to make these passwords extra secure. That is, aside from composing unique and strongly crafted passwords.

With the aid of 1Password and LastPass, users can devise complex passwords that get stored across devices and, to top it all off, are heavily encrypted.

Security experts always urge users to avoid basic passwords, such as their birth year, pet name or meta words, such as "mypassword."

By tapping into the simple and reliable password managers above, you can be almost 100 percent sure that your online security is safe.

Download 1Password or LastPass from the Apple Store.

What extra layers of security are you using on your iOS device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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