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Android O Autofill Feature Confirmed To Be Supported By Password Managers LastPass, 1Password

LastPass and 1Password announce that they'll support the upcoming autofill feature of Android O. Users will soon have a seamless experience in filling up forms.

Apps/Software April 10, 2017

LastPass Updates Security After Vulnerability Was Exposed By A Researcher

LastPass, a known password manager, has revealed security flaws in its browser extensions. The company is already patching the vulnerability, which was revealed by a security researcher this week.

Security March 30, 2017

LastPass Multi-Device Access Now Free: You Can Now Manage Passwords Across Devices Without Spending A Dime

LastPass' multi-device support, a feature that has probably driven most of its premium subscribers to upgrade, has just been made free. Now, LastPass passwords are instantly accessible from PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones for all users.

Security November 3, 2016

iPhone Anonymity At Its Best: Top Privacy and Security Apps For iOS

Apple packed good encryption tools in its iOS devices, but hacking threats still loom. This is why we've listed down three of the best privacy and security apps to bolster your iPhone’s protection from prying eyes.

Apple October 17, 2016

LastPass Launches Its Two-Factor Authentication App For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

LastPass customers can now download the company's new two-factor authentication app in order to add another level of protection for their online accounts. The LastPass Authenticator makes use of 6-digit, time-based passcodes, SMS messaging and even the account owner's fingerprint to authenticate any account login.

Apps/Software March 17, 2016

LastPass Phishing Attack: What Users Should Know And Do

A security researcher revealed that a simple phishing attack can compromise users of the popular LastPass password manager. LastPass has already implemented improvements to prevent such attacks from happening.

Apps/Software January 18, 2016

'Password' Passwords Are Bad: Poetic Passwords Are Good - Takes 5 MILLION Years To Crack

Easier to remember and even tougher to crack, passwords that rhyme are the best kinds of passwords. Two University of California researchers have created the perfect password generator, and its available for everyone to use now.

Internet October 24, 2015

LastPass Users See Red Over LogMeIn Acquisition, Threaten To Switch Over To Competitors

Software as a Service company LogMeIn acquired LastPass. Users are now looking for services to replace the password manager as they will never trust LogMeIn again.

Internet October 12, 2015

Cloud-Based Software Maker LogMeIn Buys Password Manager LastPass For $125M

Password manager service LastPass has been snapped-up by LogMeIN for $125 million. Per the deals' terms, LogMeIn will shell out $110 million of the amount in cash and set aside $15 million for contingent payments

Internet October 11, 2015

You Can Now Get LastPass For iOS And Android For Free: Is There A Catch?

Password management app LastPass, which was recently a victim of a hacking attack, is now free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Apps/Software August 12, 2015

LastPass 'Vast Majority Of Users' Safe Following Hack, But Better Change Your Password

LastPass has announced that intruders hacked into its database and obtained some data. The company found no evidence that attackers took user vault data or accessed LastPass user accounts, but users should nonetheless change their master passwords.

Apps/Software June 17, 2015

LastPass Hacked: How Safe Is Cloud-Based Password Management, Really?

Password management service LastPass has been hacked, prompting many to question the security of the service and others like it. So just how safe is LastPass, and should users run for the hills?

Internet June 15, 2015

Oops...LastPass found a security hole in password manager. Should you worry?

Researchers found two vulnerabilities in LastPass password manager last year, but the company is not worried and says that a password change is not necessary.

Internet July 13, 2014

Massive trove of hacked Adobe user data discovered on Web

Password security company LastPass said there are roughly 152 million Adobe user accounts compromised. Details such as emails and passwords of these accounts can be found on an underground website frequented by cyber criminals.

Internet November 10, 2013

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