‘Plants vs. Zombies Heroes’ Launches For iOS And Android With New ‘Superhero’ Characters And New GamePlay


PvZ fans are about to experience a new version of the game that combines aspects that they love from the franchise as well as new features and gameplay with the release of the highly anticipated Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Launched worldwide on Tuesday, Oct. 18 by Electronic Arts and PopCap Games, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes includes a brand-new spin on the previous shooter title by being at its core a collectible card strategy game.

"Plants vs. Zombies Heroes started a few years ago as a paper card game prototype and a fun way for our team to enjoy playing with their favorite PvZ characters in their spare time," Brian Lindley, senior producer of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, said in statement. "Since then it has evolved into a hilarious, crazy, over-the-top collectible card game that's fun for everyone but packed with depth, secrets and strategy. We can't wait for our fans to start playing."

Players are tasked with collecting their character cards as they assemble a team to battle against their foes. There are more than 200 character cards that can be collected that include both new characters and returning favorites from PvZ Garden Warfare 2 like Brainz, Citron, Imp, Z-Mech, Rose and more. All of the heroes have their own signature superhero powers that make them unique.

Among these new characters include the Super Hero Plants and Zombies. For example, the "superheroine" The Green Shadow is a powerful peashooter that can take out zombies with Precision Blast. There is also Impfinity, a Zombie Hero that can create Imp clones during battle.

PvZ Heroes also allows the gamer to play as either plants or zombies, a mobile first.

There is also a revamped deck builder that makes it even easier for the player to customize their teams, and upgrades to cards including improvements to the water wing of the Smarty class, which enables them to be more aggressive on the water, as well as powering up Citron's shields and slowing down the Bat-loving Immorticia.

These improvements will come in handy in the new multiplayer mode.

That's right, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is PopCap's first multiplayer game on mobile. That means along with being able to play in the single-player mode that features 80 adventures and 40 levels - perfect for mastering the gameplay, earning rewards, getting new characters and strengthening their skills - users can also play in either the friendly or the competitive Ranked Multiplayer mode.

The Ranked Multiplayer mode allows the player to choose their favorite superhero Plants or Zombies and compete against others in battles to collect stars, move up in the ranks and earn even bigger rewards.

In celebration of the new game, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies 2 are launching Lawn of Doom events with Halloween content and customizations.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is now available to download for free for iOS and Android with in-app purchases. Check out the mobile game's trailer below.

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