Everyone has been obsessed with Netflix's latest standout series Stranger Things — even Google.

The Mountain View company teamed up with the popular streaming service to bring Stranger Things content to its messaging app Allo.

'Stranger Things' Sticker Pack On Google Allo

As part of the voice messaging app's latest update, Allo now includes a Stranger Things sticker pack that brings the popular gang of characters and other iconic images to the platform, which can be sent in chats with friends.

The Stranger Things sticker pack includes 24 different options that include the Demogorgon, Eggo and Eleven in her blonde wig being "pretty." There are stickers of Eleven with captions like "friends don't lie" and "WTF" in Christmas lights.

The new sticker pack comes just in time for Halloween, allowing users to get into the supernatural mindset.

'Where Is Barb?' Scavenger Hunt

There is a really good chance we will see lots of Elevens and Barbs trick-or-treating this Halloween, but Google Allo users can get in on the action early, thanks to a scavenger hunt that is taking place in New York on Friday, Oct. 28.

Allo users start by asking Google Assistant in the messaging app: "Where is Barb?" The user will then be given the first clue that will lead to a first location.

Continuing to use the app for suggestions and more clues, they will uncover a vending machine and eventually be led off to another location powered by Google Maps where prizes, such as a BMX bike, can be won, or in the worse case, players be handed a sticker.

Those not in New York who can't go on a quest to find Barb can still send not one, but three different Barb-inspired stickers.

The Stranger Things content is part of the recent update to Google Allo released this week. The update includes features like the new and improved theme and direct messages, and users are now able to reply to messages directly from notifications.

Android users also got the new spiltscreen mode, so that they can be watching Netflix and chatting with friends at the same time, all with support for Android N.

Google Allo for iOS also now includes a doodle option for photos.

The Stranger Things sticker pack is now available with an update for Google Allo for iOS and Android.

Stranger Things will return for season 2 on Netflix in 2017. For now, celebrate Halloween with food inspired by the show like Barb French onion soup.

Source: Google 

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