Microsoft's augmented reality headset, the HoloLens, has already demonstrated potential applications in fields such as medicine, space travel and architecture. In the newest utilization of the technology, the HoloLens is soon heading to the battlefield.

Modern tanks are equipped with several cameras, with soldiers relying on monitors located inside the cabin to see their surroundings. The system could use some improvement, and it seems that such an upgrade is on its way.

Circular Review System With HoloLens

Tank commanders in the Ukraine military will soon be using HoloLens-enabled helmets to increase the effectiveness of the war machines. The helmets, named the Circular Review System, features a HoloLens device mounted right on its front.

Developed by Limpid Armor, the CRS looks to provide tank commanders with a better look of what surrounds the war vehicle by simply turning their heads, instead of having to check several monitors. The video feeds that will be gathered by the tank's exterior cameras will be stitched together and shown to the tank commander as a "mixed reality" image.

Through the CRS, the wearer will see a 360-degree view of the tank's surroundings in both the visible and infrared spectrums. The CRS will also be able to determine who the friendly solders are on the battlefield and who the enemy soldiers are and can automatically target them or mark them for air strikes and drone strikes.

The CRS, which was first unveiled in the middle of October at the Arms and Security show that was held in Kiev, can also function as a communication tool, allowing other commanders to send orders and information to the tank's passengers.

Limpid Armor has not yet tried the CRS in live combat, as tests have so far been limited to within controlled facilities. However, there is a plan to quickly add the helmet to the capabilities of the Ukraine military.

HoloLens-Equipped Helmets For Civilians

The company also said that it is planning to create a version of the CRS for civilians, which will be used by industrial vehicle drivers, drone pilots and aircraft pilots.

Microsoft launched preorders for the HoloLens last month to six new markets, which is over half a year since the company released the Development Edition of the device in the United States and Canada. It was not until August, though, when the HoloLens Development Edition was made available outside of companies and developers, as the device was posted on the online Microsoft Store.

Technically, only developers and business customers were allowed to purchase the HoloLens Development Edition. However, as Microsoft waived the requirement of submitting an application to purchase the headset, anybody with $3,000 to spare would be able to buy it.

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