Square Enix has teamed up with MZ, the developer of mobile game hits such as Game of War and Mobile Strike, to create a mobile MMO based on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

The alliance between the two companies provides a look at how the mobile gaming industry is changing, with the Final Fantasy XV mobile MMO representing the next stage of the evolution in the space.

Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMO Details

Unfortunately, the known details about the Final Fantasy XV-based mobile MMO are scarce. The title of the game has not yet been revealed, nor its expected release date.

What is known, however, is that the storyline, soundtrack and characters of Final Fantasy XV will be carried over to the spinoff.

The game will also utilize the same technology that MZ uses in Game of War and Mobile Strike, which allows millions of users worldwide to play the game within a single universe in real time. There is no indication that the Final Fantasy XV mobile MMO will play similarly to MZ's previous hits, but there is the possibility that certain elements between the games will be shared.

MZ CEO and founder Gabe Leydon expressed excitement on working with a franchise that he has personally loved since he was a kid, which means that the Final Fantasy XV mobile MMO is in good hands.

The Shift In The Mobile Game Industry

Square Enix collaborating with MZ for the project shows how mobile gamers, similar to gamers on the PC and consoles, are starting to prefer well-known brands. While Game of War and Mobile Strike have performed well, among the top apps in the rankings carry popular brands such as Pokémon Go, Madden NFL Mobile and Marvel Contest of Champions.

Square Enix has not yet had a certified hit despite releasing a few mobile Final Fantasy games. The company is hoping that, by giving MZ the keys to the Final Fantasy XV universe and combining it with the developer's platform, a Final Fantasy mobile game that can top the app store charts can be created.

Final Fantasy XV Release

The mobile MMO will get a huge boost from Final Fantasy XV, which is all set to be released on Nov. 29 after a two-month delay from the original launch date of Sept. 30. To keep the hype up for the game, Square Enix released a new English-subtitled trailer at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 that introduced new characters and summons, along with a peek at the game's story.

Gamers interested in acquiring special editions and preorder bonuses for the highly anticipated game can check out this guide.

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