The Final Fantasy series has largely been focused on delivering stellar single-player RPG experiences, with the exception of two MMO entries in the franchise, of course. But the franchise's single player only nature will finally be changing in the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV...but only if you pay a little extra cash.

Multiplayer will be the focus of Final Fantasy XV's "Comrade" DLC, which will be part of the game's $25 season pass or will be available to purchase separately for a still unknown price. The game's season pass will include six DLC packs total. Three of the DLC packs will be single-player, story focused add-ons that allow players to play as party members Prompto, Ignis and Gladio for the first time. Each of these stories will have stories and combat tailored to its respective main character. Square-Enix says weapons and items acquired in the DLCs will carry over into the main game.

Following the release of all three character DLCs, Square-Enix will then release the Comrade DLC mode that allows up to four players to play at once via the Internet as Noctis, Prompto, Ignis or Gladio. Unfortunately, further details about the mode are still unknown at this point. How long will this DLC be? Will it allow players to roam around the game's open world together as in the single player game? Will weapons and items acquired while playing co-op carry over to the main game? When will it release and how much will it be? Those are all major questions that fans don't yet have an answer to. It does, however, seem safe to assume that the Comrade DLC won't be arriving anytime soon, as Square-Enix will be working on and then releasing each of the character focused DLC add-ons first. 

Alongside the news about the game's DLC, Square-Enix also released an impressive new CG short for Final Fantasy XV titled "Omen". The video shows a catastrophic future should Noctis fail in his quest, as he battles across the world following a mysterious dog. Oh, and it looks really pretty, too.

Final Fantasy XV at long last arrives on November 29 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Wondering what version of the game you should buy, or which retailer has the best preorder bonus for your buck? Be sure to read up on our extensive buyers guide here.

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