It's finally Election Day 2016 in the United States!

The election season has certainly been a stressful time but it's not yet over. Today, the polls open to make way as Americans exercise their right to vote and elect the 45th president of the country. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their own share of supporters, but more than just being vocal about which camp they'd like to see in the White House, Americans can best show their support by casting their ballots.

Where To Vote

Where you should go to vote will depend on your street address and Google released a handy tool to help Americans find their polling places on Election Day. To use the tool, just go to and click a button on the bottom right corner of the page, or click on the Google Doodle for the day. You can also type in the question "Where do I vote in the 2016 United States election #Everyonein2016" into the search bar.

Doing any one of the three will pull up a box where you key in your street address to find the polling location assigned to you. The result also comes with a map to the address, as well as the polling place's operation hours to guide you accordingly.

Election Day 2016 Predictions

Throughout the course of the election season, both candidates managed to make their way to the top. Clinton was mostly in the lead but Trump was not far behind, an ever-present threat despite the many controversies he figured in.

Overall, however, Clinton is predicted to take 206 Electoral College votes while Trump secures 164. However, to win, a presidential candidate will need 270 votes. Given she's closer to the required number of votes, Clinton has odds in her favor. In fact, the New York Times' forecast gave her an 84 percent chance of winning.

How To Know Election Results

Results will start coming in as poll locations close, the earliest of which will be in Kentucky and Indiana where polls are set to start closing at 6 p.m. EST. It will be busiest, however, at 8 p.m. EST when 20 states close polls. Some of the swing states are Michigan and Illinois. It will all end when Alaska's polling locations close their doors at midnight EST.

Should everything go off without a hitch, the winner may be clear as soon as the last Alaskan state releases its exit poll, although U.S. TV networks can start "calling" for either candidate as early as 11 p.m. EST. 

Google is keeping tab on the US presidential elections, updating every 30 seconds and posting results as soon as polls close. However, it is also possible that no one will be able to tell who the real winner is until Election Day 2016 officially ends.

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