Prisma Art Filters Now Supported On Facebook Live


Prisma just got an update to its iOS version that will enable the app to support Facebook Live video streaming. The feature, which is part of the so-called Style Transfer technology, is only limited to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 devices.

Prisma Style Transfer

Prisma users should already know that Style Transfer is an art filter that is still perhaps unique to the platform at this point. It uses sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to transform photos and video to a work of art. More specifically, it taps Prisma's proprietary neural network technology to produce filters that mimic artistic styles such as Punk or even those identified with artists such as Picasso.

The Prisma process, which is achieved through the creation of a pastiche effect, can be triggered with one tap. And the process happens locally, which explains the limited number of supported devices. It requires a considerable amount of computing power.

"Not every smartphone can handle that," Prisma's Aram Airapetyan told TechCrunch. "We're working to bring this to powerful Android smartphones also."

Prisma And Facebook Live Streaming

The Facebook Live support update will allow iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Prisma users to broadcast in the Facebook platform. For example, once users are logged in at Facebook, they could apply unique filters to streaming videos.

The support for Facebook Live has also stoked rumors that Facebook could take over Prisma soon. The acquisition speculation began in full steam after Prisma CEO Alexey Moiseenkov was spotted visiting Facebook's headquarters this year.

Style Filter Competition

At this point, Prisma's competitive advantage is largely driven by the fact that its set of style filters for videos was the first of its kind to arrive and gain traction in the market. Competitors, however, are increasingly jumping in the bandwagon.

Facebook itself has announced it will soon release AI-powered art filters within what it is now calling Caffe2Go technology for its mobile app. Google is not willing to be left behind. The tech company announced its own Style Transfer technology on Oct. 26 and it is also driven by multiple neural networks. But at the rate of Prisma updates, which now let the app cover photos, videos, GIFs, augmented reality and now live streaming, it is poised to be ahead among competing apps.

It is helpful to underscore how Prisma is based on an open-source program called DeepArt. Competing app developers could also seize this technology to introduce similar features. Prisma's success has largely been driven by its style filters.

Since its release in June, Prisma has already amassed more than 70 million downloads.

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