Eero, that lovely little Wi-Fi hub dispersing reliable signal throughout the house, does not have a new product. However, it does have a significant software update that starts rolling out today.

Now with Alexa support, Eero can help users find their missing smartphones and other gadgets more easily than before. Apart from that, new smart features are also coming to this little router system.

The headliner of this update is TrueMesh. The company has revamped its mesh routing algorithms by analyzing how its existing customers use their respective Eero routers and where they falter.

Simply put, Eero routers will be able to communicate with one another and with other devices. Users can also experience almost twice the speed within their Wi-Fi network.

The Eero Wi-Fi hub was able to achieve such a large update because the company has been keeping track of how each product performed in the community. The type of data collected included whether or not Eero Wi-Fi hubs were running smoothly, the memory being used, how hot the device was, how fast the connection between devices was, what other gadgets were connected to the router, and which ones were having connection difficulties.

Eero has already earned a name for its solid performance, so the addition of Alexa could just make the mesh networking system even better.

Alexa Manages Wi-Fi

Alexa brings three skill sets to the Eero Wi-Fi hub for consumers owning an Amazon Tap, Echo, or Echo Dot. Users can simply command Alexa to turn off LED lights on any Eero router in case they want to sleep or watch movies with the lights off.

For customers who keep misplacing their smartphone or any other device connected to the home Wi-Fi, Alexa can find these devices easily by informing which specific Eero router is closest to the lost gadget.

Eero had previously added a family feature that requires parents to log into a smartphone app to turn Wi-Fi signal on or off. And now, this already nifty feature just got an update that parents might love most.

Alexa can now turn off or pause internet connection by requesting a specific device connected to the router to do so. If the kids are using their gadgets instead of eating dinner or doing their homework, their parents can decide to turn off the home internet access for their specific gadgets. Children will not turn the internet back on because Eero will require parental permission to access the app.

Eero Pricing

The basic Eero routing system consists of three identical routers that supply wireless access points and Wi-Fi extenders to cover the house. Each one is compatible with modern Wi-Fi standards. A set of three costs $499.

The Eero routing system uses next-generation mesh technology to automatically search for the best possible wireless signal as one Eero communicates with another. Each individual Eero router costs $199 for buyers who wish to add more.

Meanwhile, the Echo and Echo Dot are on sale at Amazon together with other products.

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