'Overwatch' Could Soon Get A Christmas Event And New Game Mode, According To Discovered Sound Files


Massively popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch could be getting a Christmas event and a new mode, as sound files that have been discovered in the game suggest.

The files were discovered and then uploaded on the Overwatch subreddit by redditor Venxa.

Overwatch Christmas Event

Among the uploaded files on the Reddit thread is what appears to be a Christmas-themed jingle based on Overwatch's theme music.

While the discovery of the sound file alone does not clearly indicate that Blizzard has plans to launch a Christmas event for Overwatch, the prediction is not being made without reason. Similar discoveries were made before Blizzard launched its events for the Olympics and Halloween, which increases the likelihood that there will be a similar event for Christmas.

There are no other details that are available regarding the Christmas-themed event for Overwatch, though gamers are expecting a similar approach to what Blizzard has done in the game's first two events. It is expected that there will be Christmas-themed skins for some of the game's characters, and perhaps another makeover for the Hollywood stage that, this time, would incorporate Christmas decorations instead of the Halloween elements that Blizzard added for the last event.

The event, however, might not be solely focused on Christmas, given the game's celebration of diversity. Perhaps the event would come with a generic holiday theme instead.

Overwatch New Game Mode

Also included in the discovered sound files were a few lines by Athena, the announcer of the game, that could be referring to a new mode.

One of the files included a line referring to players entering an arena, while two of the files mentioned the words "gladiator" and "challenger."

It is possible that the new mode that Athena is referring to in these lines is an addition to the Arcade mode, which Blizzard added in the recent update to Overwatch that also saw the entrance of hacker hero Sombra to the game.

However, it is most likely that, with the possibility of a Christmas event, the new mode will be a limited-time one similar to what Blizzard has done in previous events. For the Olympics event, players were treated to a Rocket League-like Lucioball, while for the Halloween event, players were tasked to defend a castle as a team in Junkenstein's Revenge.

Other Overwatch News

In other news, just a couple of months after Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan hinted that major changes are coming to the underpowered Symmetra, a new and improved version of the character has been added to the game's Public Test Realm. Symmetra's core abilities were tweaked, and she is now the first character in the game who offers players with two choices for an ultimate ability.

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