Microsoft often receives flak for not being proactive when it comes to the development of its Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem. However, if a new report is to be believed, then Windows 10 Mobile users could look forward to a much-awaited and handy feature in the coming months.

What is this feature you ask? The Reset App. This feature has been available for the desktop OS for a while now and news of it arriving for Windows 10 Mobile users in the Creators Update will be welcomed by users.

Creators Update is slated to arrive in spring 2017 and will be a free download for Windows 10 users. The news of the Reset App functionality coming as part of the update is one that will find favor with Windows 10 Mobile smartphone users.

While Microsoft has not officially confirmed the arrival of this feature, Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia spotted this capability as it managed to lay its hands on an unreleased Insider build of the Windows 10 Mobile OS.

The blog posted a screenshot of the alleged Reset App feature that is integrated in the Windows 10 mobile OS new build to support its assertions.

The screenshot reveals that the Reset App feature has been integrated into the Advanced tab in settings. However, its placement could change before the final public release.

What Does Reset App Do?

The feature basically enables a smartphone user to reset the data stored by an app, returning the app to its original or a newly installed state.

This feature essentially removes the settings and cache of an app, reinstating the app to its original format — like it is when installed for the first time. The feature also shows data such as the storage space an app file needs, the data generated by the user and also has a button that can be tapped to perform a quick reset.

Advantage Of Reset App Feature?

Normally, when an app starts malfunctioning or crashes frequently, a Windows 10 Mobile user is only left with one option — reinstalling the rogue app. With the arrival of the Reset App feature, the user of a Windows smartphone will no longer need to follow this tedious process of uninstalling and then reinstalling an app. Instead, the Windows 10 Mobile users will simply have to access the Reset App functionality in their settings.

The functionality is not only handy when encountering errors on apps, but it can also aid in removing unrequired data on browsers and save some precious storage space.

When Will The Reset App Feature Debut?

The Italian blog claims that the Reset App feature will make its debut in the next build for Windows 10. Microsoft is anticipated to release a new build for Windows 10 this week, which targets Windows Insiders on mobile devices and PCs. Therefore, we could possibly see the preview build of the Reset App any day now!

Officially, however, expect to be greeted by the new feature in early 2017 when the Creators Update launches.

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