Microsoft has revealed the list of improvements to be featured in the upcoming Creators Update. The bulk of the changes is largely targeted to business users as opposed to the consumer-centric benefits outlined in a previous announcement.

Creators Update For Consumers

In October, Microsoft largely phrased the update based on a focus on features that will be enjoyed by the average consumers. A Microsoft official has explained this in detail.

"Coming as a free update early next year to the more than 400 million devices running Windows 10 and available to Windows Insiders this week, the Creators Update will bring 3D and mixed reality to everyone, empower every gamer to be a broadcaster, connect people faster to those they care about most, and much more," notes Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group.

New List Of Windows 10 Creators Update Features

In the latest announcement, Microsoft zoomed in on security and manageability that will serve to benefit business users. This is largely anchored on the improvements to the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service, which was first introduced with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Here, the Creators Update will ship with new actions and insights that will allow Windows 10 to investigate and respond to network attacks. The system will also have enriched intelligence and new remediation actions. This last will allow administrators to quickly isolate suspicious machines from the rest of the network and get forensically dumped, processed and quarantined.

Aside from the ATP, the Creators Update will also ensure that monitoring, tracking and responding to security events are centralized. This rests on the improved capability of the Windows Security Center to link with the Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. This improvement is expected to enable IT administrators to investigate and map out attacks across endpoints and emails effectively.

The ATP features cited above are only available to Windows 10 Enterprise/E5 version.

Creators Update And Management

The value propositions that the Creators Update is offering in the area of management primarily rests on Microsoft's cloud service. The update will start migrating resources as well as time-intensive tasks into this platform.

According to Microsoft, these have two main benefits. First, it will improve IT management time in Windows 10 by as much as 15 percent. Secondly, it will allow business users to obtain support as well as secure their devices easily and quickly.

Other Features

There are several other features that seek to address business users' needs. Windows Analytics is now informed by cloud-based insights, which could help customers adopt Windows 10 faster. This feature will also play a key role in managing Windows 10 devices.

The Creators Update also introduces in-place UEFI conversion, which can be used to easily access Windows 10 security mechanisms. Microsoft has also bundled the update with a mobile application management, a feature crucial in protecting personal devices even if these are not enrolled in the Mobile Device Management solution.

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