Good news for iDevice owners, an update to the Apple Support site will enable one to schedule the repair for their Mac, iPad or iPhone at an authorized service provider.

Apple has quietly added a new feature which will enable the customer to locate Apple Authorized Service Providers. Customers will also have the option of scheduling an appointment for their beloved iDevice's repair.

The new feature was first spotted by online publication MacRumors and will likely find favor with Apple users.

What Are Apple Authorized Service Providers?

These are basically shops that Apple has assessed and officially given the green signal to perform AppleCare repairs, as well as out-of-warranty fixes on Apple devices.

What's So Cool About The New Feature?

When one chooses the troubleshooting-a-product option on the Apple Support site, they will need to select the "Bring in for Repair" option (after the support queries). This will bring up all the repair centers near the customer, which include the company's own retail stores and any Apple Authorized Service Providers.

Not only does selection of the support site's "Bring in for Repair" option populate a list of all the nearby authorized service providers, but also lists the repair availability. This way, a customer will be able to locate the quickest repairs available and take advantage of speedy and same-day service that many locations may have on offer.

Customers even have the option of booking a repair directly from the support site itself, negating the need for a repair appointment from the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store.

Advantages Of The Feature

The focus on third-party retailers for offering the repair service will undoubtedly bring some relief to the company as the Apple Stores are usually unable to keep pace with requests for repair. This will also ensure a faster repair turnaround time for the customer, who will be able to use their affected device faster and not have to wait weeks for an appointment.

The change may be a minor one, but it is undoubtedly a welcome addition to the Apple support site. If you've ever ended up with a broken iPhone or iPad, you would be aware that the wait time for repairs at the company's retail stores can stretch to weeks. With third-party retailers – who are authorized service providers – on board for repairs, customers will be able to get their iDevice repaired seamlessly and swiftly.

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