Suikoden II is considered to be one of the best RPGs ever made, and for good reason. The game combines an exquisite story, engaging mechanics and memorable characters to make an unforgettable experience that still stays with gamers who have played it.

There are many reasons to replay the game, including the completion of a time-sensitive quest, the recruitment of all the over 100 playable characters, and the possibility of getting different endings. An option to start a New Game Plus would have made Suikoden II much better, and it seems that developer Konami had plans to add such a mode but decided not to push through with it.

Hidden Code In Suikoden II

Just over 18 years after it was originally released in 1998, hidden code has been found in a disassembled version of Suikoden II.

A Suikoden II fan who goes by the name Pyriel in a forum dedicated to the Suikoden franchise discovered an unused dungeon in the game a couple of years ago. The dungeon is hidden in Sajah Village, which is accessible towards the end of Suikoden II. Pyriel speculated that the unused but fairly functional dungeon was utilized by developers for testing purposes.

However, two years after Pyriel's discovery, a user with handle ne__ya revealed that the hidden dungeon could be much more than just a location for testing. An unused game script for Suikoden II in Japanese was discovered, and its translation hinted at the possibility of a New Game Plus mode.

"While your strength remains, the new path shall guide you to a new beginning. Though be warned that there is no return path. Do you still wish for a new path?" one of the lines said.

How Would New Game Plus Have Worked In Suikoden II?

According to the theory of Omnigamer, New Game Plus for Suikoden II would have worked by allowing gamers to activate the mode through the unused dungeon. After doing so, players will find themselves transported back to the Sindar Ruins nears the White Deer Inn, along with all the equipment and runes that they had so far collected.

The plan to add a New Game Plus makes sense, as there are several items that players can only get during the game's epilogue and even high-level runes being sold in Sajah Village. There is also the theory that perhaps major storyline changes could be applied in New Game Plus.

Fans of Suikoden II could do nothing more than imagine what could have been for the game and its seemingly scrapped New Game Plus mode. At least there is no Suikoden II pachinko machine though.

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