OurMine is at it again and its latest high-profile hack is the official U.S. Twitter account of popular streaming service Netflix.

A number of mock tweets appeared on Netflix's U.S. Twitter feed, but have been removed since then.

One of the mock tweets said that "World security is shit" and the hack proved it, Fortune reports. Neflix, for its part, said that it's aware of the matter and it's working to solve it as soon as possible.

OurMine Hacking Collective

The hacking team known as OurMine has been behind a number of high-profile hacks including BuzzFeed, Variety, and social media CEOs including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, and Google's Sundar Pichai, among others.

OurMine's mission, if you may, seems to be testing the security of accounts with many followers and public influence. The hackers don't really do much once breaching an account - they mainly post messages mocking the password strength and poor account security and urging the account owner to contact them for more details on how to increase their security. They claim to be white-hat hackers aiming to help improve security by pointing out flaws.

Netflix US Twitter Account Hack

This also seems to be the case with Netflix's U.S. Twitter account, which was hacked by OurMine. A number of mock messages appeared as of this morning and the team actually handling the official account deleted them as quickly as possible. Some mock tweets survived just minutes, indicating that Netflix moved fast to remove the evidence of the hack.

Nevertheless, Reuters contacted OurMine via email and learned that the hacking team had hacked Netflix's U.S. Twitter account three hours earlier.

No One Is Safe

CNET, meanwhile, found out that OurMine gained access to Netflix's U.S. Twitter account by exploiting the account of a Netflix staff member. The hacking team added that "no one is safe from hacking."

Considering the number of high-profile accounts that OurMine managed to hack, it would indeed seem that nobody is safe and any and all accounts could be compromised at any given time.

To minimize the risks, however, it's highly advisable to opt for a strong password with capital letters and special characters mingled with lowercase letters and numbers. At the same time, it might be a good idea to see what apps you authorized to access your account and unauthorize the ones that are not necessary.

Netflix has yet to issue a statement or respond to requests for comments, but at the time of writing it seems to have resolved the issues affecting its Twitter account.

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