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Vevo Just Got Hacked: 3.12 TB Of Videos, Documents, And More Released By OurMine

Over 3 TB of data were stolen from Vevo by OurMine and uploaded online briefly. It wasn’t supposed to be published publicly, but Vevo made a huge mistake.

Security September 16, 2017

Britney Spears Death Hoax Sent Shock Waves On Social Media

Word that pop princess Britney Spears had died in an accident broke out on Twitter on Dec. 26, sending the social media sphere buzzing. But what makes this hoax launched by OurMine so gutwrenching?

Celebrities December 27, 2016

OurMine Hacks Sony Music, Bob Dylan Twitter Accounts To Falsely Proclaim Britney Spears Is Dead

Hacking group OurMine infiltrated the official Twitter accounts of Sony Music and Bob Dylan. The hacked accounts falsely tweeted that singer Britney Spears has died, sending netizens into a rampage to find out if the news was true.

Security December 26, 2016

Biggest Data Breaches And Hacks Of 2016: Yahoo Data Breach, DNC Hacking, And More

It has been a long year for security experts with the slew of data breaches and hacking. Several incidents have already assumed historic proportions, making 2016 the worst so far for the government, companies, and individual users alike.

Security December 25, 2016

Twitter Hacking Spree: OurMine Targets Marvel, NFL Twitter Accounts After Hitting Netflix

Netflix and Marvel's Twitter accounts have been successfully attacked by OurMine, a team of allegedly young hackers. After the breach, the group left its calling card, which dutifully included an admonition for the affected parties that a better defense should be in order.

Security December 22, 2016

Netflix US Twitter Account Gets OurMine Hack Treatment: Mock Tweets Berate World Security

Netflix woke up to a surprise this morning, with its U.S. Twitter account freshly hacked by OurMine. Mock tweets berated world security, but Netflix seems to have gained control of its account again.

Security December 21, 2016

OurMine Retaliates Against BuzzFeed After Attempted Identification Of One Of The Hackers

BuzzFeed is the latest victim of the hacking group OurMine, which retaliated against the news outlet for its attempt to expose one of its members. OurMine vandalized posts on the BuzzFeed website and threatened to release a database that it had acquired.

Security October 6, 2016

OurMine Strikes Again: Hacks Variety, Floods Readers With Spam

OurMine has yet another hacking victim, and in the latest string of cyberattacks, the target is the news entertainment outlet Variety and its readers too.

Internet September 5, 2016

Hackers Claim To Be Behind The Frustrating Crashes Of 'Pokémon GO' Servers: Are They Really Doing This?

A pair of hacking groups are claiming to be behind the server crashes of massively popular augmented reality mobile game 'Pokémon GO.' Are the DDoS attacks of the groups really behind the issues?

Video Games July 18, 2016

OurMine Strikes Again: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Gets His Twitter Account Hacked

Jack Dorsey, the CEO and founder of Twitter, recently saw his Twitter account hacked by security team OurMine. The safety experts have gained an impressive portfolio of hacked celebrity accounts.

Security July 10, 2016

'We Never Show Passwords': Twitter Denies OurMine's Claim Of Seeing Users' Passwords For Vine

Twitter denies it collects and peeks at users' Vine passwords, as suggested by hacker group OurMine. The hackers claim Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the latest victim of hacking, keeps users' private info in a Dropbox account.

Security July 9, 2016

Google's Sundar Pichai Quora Account Hacking Incident Is Another Grim Reminder That Nobody Is Safe

Sundar Pichai is now the latest victim of hacking being lodged against big bosses in Silicon Valley. The culprit OurMine sends the message loud and clear: nobody is safe.

Security June 28, 2016

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