The Apple watch is a step ahead from Android wearable gadgets as the Pokémon GO for the Apple watch went live. The app add-on for the iOS-compatible wearable device was announced last September, but it was only released to the public recently.

With the new Pokémon GO app, players can use their Apple watch to help them catch Pokémon. The watch will notify players of nearby PokéStops, medals, eggs, and, of course, nearby Pokémon.

Pokémon GO rocked the mobile game market when it was released earlier this year. Aside from catching Pokémon in a real environment, the game chose locations such as Starbucks stores as PokéStops, which the players will have to visit to replenish goods for the game.

Pokémon GO For Apple Watch

Last Dec. 22, Apple announced the release of Pokémon GO for Apple watch just in time for Christmas. Niantic introduced the new Pokémon GO for the Apple watch during an Apple event last September. Thanks to the new app, users can now collect power-ups from PokéStops using just the watch. However, players still need to use their smartphones to actually catch a Pokémon.

That means it will drastically lessen the time players spend looking at their smartphones. This new Pokémon GO and Apple watch tandem is also expected to lessen road mishaps caused by players who mindlessly focus on their phone while walking on the streets.

Tracking System

Apple said that the game is particularly suited for the watch since it merges gameplay and exercise. Aside from letting a player enjoy the game hands-free, the app will also track a player's progress towards achieving fitness goals while playing the game.

The watch records the game as a workout, enabling the player to monitor and log steps and distance traveled. The watch can even tell a player how far he or she needs to go to hatch an egg. However, experts say that the actual exercise benefit of using Pokémon GO is short-lived, despite a total of 8.7 billion kilometers distance walked by players collectively.

There are no news yet if the game will also be available to Android wearable devices. One thing is for sure, though, Apple watch users who are also Pokémon GO players won't be looking too often at their smartphones to play the game.

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