Google Pixel Audio Issues: Google Now Offers Full Refund Rather Than A Fix Or Replacement


It seems that Google's latest solution for the Google Pixel audio issues is to offer a full refund, going past any fixes or replacements.

The audio issues affecting the Google Pixel smartphones came to light recently, when Mark Buckman and some other Pixel owners started documenting and reporting the problems. It was initially thought that only the Pixel XL was experiencing these issues, but it seems that the smaller Pixel is affected as well.

As Buckman demonstrated in a video, the Google Pixel starts distorting sounds at high volume. He conducted the same test on a Google Pixel and a Nexus 6 to prove the difference, and the Nexus 6 had no issues. Buckman had his phone replaced a number of times, and the audio issues with cracking/ popping sounds persisted across five Pixel XL units he owned.

Google's Fix For Pixel Audio Issues

Google is aware of the audio issues affecting the Google Pixel and Pixel XL and Orrin, a Pixel Community Manager, said the team is looking into the matter and trying to come up with a fix.

While Pixel owners hoped that fix would arrive soon and they'd be able to enjoy their devices without issues, it seems that Google's solution is more radical. Buckman says that Google has now offered him a full refund upon returning his latest Pixel XL.

According to him, Google didn't even touch the defective Pixels he sent in, they just offered replacements until now, when a full refund seems to be the last solution. Buckman says he's disappointed with this decision, noting that he'd rather put up with the issues until there's a fix rather than getting a full refund and having to purchase a different phone.

Google Pixel Refund

The full refund might indicate that Google is not sure it can fix the audio issues marring the Pixel and Pixel XL experience. For those who still want to keep their Pixel smartphone despite the sound problems, a temporary workaround might help out but it's rather complex and will void the warranty.

It remains unclear whether Google is still trying to get to the bottom of this and come up with a solution in the end, fixing the faulty Google Pixel and Pixel XL, or concluded that it's beyond repair and a full refund is the only viable option.

Have you experienced audio issues on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL? If so, what was Google's solution — did you get a replacement that works well or were you offered a full refund? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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