We've long known about levitating speakers since they have been around for years now. These Bluetooth speakers usually have an outlandish look, but sound quality is compromised. However, that's not stopping LG from jumping in the mix.

The device is called the Levitating Portable Speaker (model PJ9), a basic name for a product coming from a major electronic brand. Not to mention, LG is the first major brand to build one of these speakers, which is quite surprising from our point of view. LG Electronics says it plans to show off the Bluetooth speaker at CES 2017, and we can't wait to see how well it performs.

"The PJ9 wireless speaker is an exciting combination of audio design and innovation, offering the perfect balance between performance, beauty and versatility," said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. "This latest addition to our growing lineup of premium wireless audio devices will not only turn heads, but it makes the bold statement that LG is committed to exploring new concepts and pioneering innovative audio designs for consumers around the world."

Superb Sound

LG says the Levitating Portable Speaker will have superb sound, but that's similar to what every other company says — and they all somehow failed to deliver. Yes, this is LG, but the company should have the resources to transform its levitating speakers into something wonderful — and we're skeptical here.

We should point out that the speaker is using something known as Dual Passive Radiator technology to produce enhanced sound quality, so LG could be on to something here.

How Does It Float And Charge

The device uses powerful electromagnets that are housed inside the levitation station — the wide piece of hardware below the speaker. Now, the speaker itself is home to a battery that can power the device for 10 hours. Whenever the battery starts to run low, the speaker automatically descends to the levitation station, and from there, it begins to charge.

Bear in mind that no wires are attached to the speaker, so it takes advantage of wireless charging to get the juice it needs.

We like the fact that when it descends to charge, the music is not interrupted, something many levitating speakers are not capable of doing.

At the end of the day, this is a pretty looking speaker from LG, but it will all boil down to sound quality and pricing. A levitating speaker usually cost between $50 and $200. With the LG branded attached, it might cost more, but let's wait and see for CES 2017 is just right around the corner.

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