Facebook has long been connecting people, whether through social media or even games that allow people to engage and connect with their peers anytime and anywhere.

This year, Facebook's new games expanded and invested in platforms that allowed their users to play, share, and connect even further through multiple media.

Instant Games
Instant games allow people to play with friends through Messenger and the News Feed without downloading yet another app.

Facebook Gameroom
This PC gaming app is designed for desktop use and to provide easy access to games such as shooting games, strategy, and even casino.

Facebook Live Game Streaming
A gamer's dream, this service allows game developers and individuals to live stream their games from their PC, mobile device, or console directly to Facebook.

This year, Facebook recognized game developers and publishers by putting into consideration the impact of these games on the company as well as individual users by their inventive use of the social media platform.

The company recognized these titles by releasing their list of Facebook's 2016 Games of The Year with subcategories of Best Web Games, Best Mobile Games, Best Gameroom Games, Best Instant Games, Best Facebook Integrations, Best Use of Facebook Live and, of course, the Game of the Year. Below are just a few of the most notable among the winning games.

2016 Facebook Games of The Year (Or At Least A Few Of The Best Overall)

• Gardenscapes - New Acres by Playrix

Gardenscapes - New Acres was launched this year on Facebook in the match three format. The game not just capitalizes on the addictive property of this format; it also allows players to renovate their digital estate, interact with in-game characters and real-life Facebook friends by sharing "lives" with each other. The game even has its own version of Facebook where in-game characters interact with each other. This simple yet colorful game wins this year's top award.

• Poker Heat by Playtika

First released on Facebook, Poker Heat allowed players to try their hand at being casino big shots and playing their way to the top ranks. From the Newbie Court to the World Class League, this game gives players a chance to hone their poker skills.

• Naruto Online by Oasis Games

By the name itself, it's pretty obvious why Naruto Online made such a buzz. With so many fans of the original anime series across the globe, the MMORPG allowed players to interact with their favorite characters and relive their love for the original series by exploring familiar places that they've only just watched on screen before.

• Total War Battles: Kingdom by Creative Assembly

The highly successful Total War Battles: Kingdom took advantage of the huge presence of Facebook desktop users. By using two of the new platforms at once — Facebook web and Gameroom — the game found immense success and reached many more players across the globe.

To see the full list of the 2016 winning games, go to the Facebook for Developers Blog.

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