Curved TVs might still hold a bit of a polarizing quality for some, given slight grips with the technology, but a curved monitor, where an individual could view it at a much closer distance, is another conversation altogether.

With curved monitors, light sources can be more controlled since people sit closer toward it, eliminating pesky reflections often munificently present with curved TVs. Samsung knows this well, so it's releasing a new curved monitor employing quantum dot technology, designed to offer a cutting-edge and immersive viewing experience.

Samsung CH711 Quantum Dot Curved Monitor

The curved monitor carries the name CH711, and is slated for a CES unveiling this January. CES is the battlefront for tech companies duking it out in terms of innovation, swagger or even plain eyecandy, and Samsung, like any other company, needs to stand out from the crowd if it wants to get generous traction. To do this, it's showcasing a lineup of curved monitors, the CH711 included, that is "designed with gamers in mind."

The CH711 comes in 27- or 31.5-inch variants, featuring a 1,800R curvature – 1,800 mm curvature radius across the monitor's width. The two models will come with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 with support for 125 percent sRGB color coverage.

What Are Quantum Dots?

Quantum dot technology is a five-dollar phrase for more vibrant and power-efficient displays, although that's an oversimplification. For clarity's sake, quantum dots are basically semiconductor nanocrystals working together to render a brighter display and reproduce accurate colors. All aforementioned qualities might sound attractive, but its manufacturing process can be very difficult. Industry breakthroughs, however, have made it more feasible to create, and with Samsung being the consummate electronics company that it is, it's likely that the CH711 won't be a quantum dot mishap.

Other Curved Gaming Monitors From Samsung

Also to be showcased alongside the CH711 is the CFG7O, which Samsung announced back in October. It's another curved monitor that's specifically geared for gamers, making Samsung the first company to launch a gaming monitor employing quantum dot technology. The CFG70 features a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, a uniform 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle and a 1,800R curvature, similar to the CH711. The CFG70 has two variants: 24 inches for $349.99 and 27 inches for $449.99. Both of these models are available now.

There's also the CF791, which boasts a lesser curvature at 1,500 R because the monitor is 34 inches, with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 3,440 by 1,440. The CF791 is also available now for $999.99.

All three monitors – the CH711, CFG70, and the CF791 – will be on display at CES. Samsung will also let CES attendees gawk at its next lineup of high-resolution quantum dot monitors: the 28-inch UH750, a narrow bezel-designed UHD monitor, and the 23.8- and 27-inch SH850, a WQHD monitor with a height-adjustable stand and pivot, alongside tilt and swivel capabilities for flexible viewing angles.

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