CES 2017: Dell's XPS 27 Is An All-In-One Powerhouse Rocking 10 Speakers


Desktop PCs are arguably a harder sell than laptops, the aspect of portability often being the factor that makes the latter acquire more mass-market fanfare. Additionally, it's a taller order for PC manufacturers to create a unique and appealing all-in-one.

However, the chore is not entirely impossible, and Dell's new all-in-one proves it. Its desktop PC approach with the newly unveiled 2017 XPS 27 is to pretty up the audio, by a stellar margin compared with current standards.

Dell's XPS 27 Has More Speakers Than Your All-In-One

This new desktop comes with six front-facing speakers — four of which covers mid and bass frequencies, with dedicated tweeters, or treble speakers, on each corner — alongside two full-range speakers and a pair of passive radiators. Plenty, sure, but nevertheless a welcome stepping-away from the spectrum of desktop PCs with average audio components.

Dell's approach here seems to be that it's selling a complete all-in-one computer, without requiring users to buy discrete speakers for exemplary audio performance.

The beefier audio was a collaboration with Jack Joseph Puig, a Grammy award-winning music producer, resulting in what Dell boasts as "the best sound for an all-in-one PC," which by the looks of its hardware alone spells an apropos description. But that's not where it ends: the company additionally claims that the XPS 27 is two times louder the Apple's 27-inch iMac, and can output up to 10 times the bass of HP's Envy 27.

Dell XPS 27 Specs

Beyond the number of speakers, the XPS 27's specs are also impressive. Dell is offering a choice of 4K displays: one that's a touchscreen featuring a pivot stand that allows it to be positioned nearly flat on the surface, and another display that's non-touch, although a brighter one at 350 nits — 50 nits more than the touch display variant.

Inside Dell's new all-in-one offering is a sixth-generation Intel Skylake processors, and users can choose between the Core i5-6400 or the Core i7-6700. It would have been nicer if Intel's updated Kaby Lake processors were outfitted inside the XPS 27's internals, but Intel's sixth-generation processors are still pretty exceptional.

Users can opt for up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, with the option to add more memory sticks and max out at 64 GB. There's an option for a 1 TB SSD, or up to 2 TB and a 32 GB M.2 SSD. For the uninitiated, M.2 is an SSD interface that's much faster than SATA speeds. For those who want to go all out with an M.2 SSD, there are also options for 512 GB or 1 TB.

Intel graphics comes built-in, but there's an optional AMD R9 M470X upgrade for a much beefier GPU, and Dell even promised that the higher-grade R9 M485X is going to be available down the road.

The XPS 27 comes with two USB-C ports, five USB 3.0 sockets, an HDMI port, a headphone jack, and an SD card reader. It also has a Gigabit ethernet port and an audio output. All of these essentially bars any potential port-related complaints for the all-in-one.

Pricing And Availability

The XPS 27 starts at $1,499, with beefier specifications surpassing the $2,000 mark. At that starting price, however, customers will get a gorgeous InfinityEdge display, stellar audio performance, fast and advanced storage, and an aluminum design that scores high points in terms of eyecandy.

The Dell XPS 27 is shipping now. Those interested in purchasing one can head over to Dell's site and purchase the base model, or configure it with higher specs.

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