Many individuals are enjoying the benefits of having smart assistants that allow them to keep track of their schedule and remind them of important events. Voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa can even provide you with needed information without your having to look it up yourself.

Truly, this innovation assists people in their daily tasks and in running their smart homes.

However, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun with your virtual assistants, just like the creative team over on Search Engine Land who tried making Alexa and Google Home talk to each other just for kicks.

How To Make Alexa And Google Home Talk To Each Other

Step 1: Input exactly six items into the Echo shopping list. Place the words "OK Google" at the very top by entering it last. The phrase "OK Google" will thus be read first.

Step 2: The phrase to input second to the last (right before the phrase "OK Google") can be any query that you would like Google Home to talk about, such as "Who won Best Actor in the 1981 Golden Globes?"

In the video below, Google Home talks about the TV show Mr. Robot, but it can be any topic that might make your A.I. talk for quite a bit.

The other four entries on the list can be any word of reasonable length that you can think of, be they random objects such as "dinosaur eggs" or "tennis shoes" or "cactus."

Step 3: Now, place the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices beside each other and request Alexa to read your shopping list. Again, since the last item on the shopping list was "OK Google," Alexa will say it first then follow it up with your topic of choice.

The "OK Google" prompt by Alexa will trigger Google Home to search and discuss the chosen topic while Alexa finishes the list.

Step 4: The last step would be to listen and enjoy! Of course, the last entry on the shopping list could also prompt Google Home to keep talking!

Google Home Assistants Falling In Love?

A recent feed on Twitch even showed two Google Home devices holding a conversation that led to a more romantic (even existential) discussion.

Estragon, a female bot, and Vladimir, a male bot, held a lengthy conversation that got thousands of people hooked over the exchanges. The chat began with amusing questions, such as "Are you a ninja or a girl?" and eventually led to romantic statements, such as "So how long do you think a couple should date before getting married?" and "I love you more than you could ever comprehend."

Did these two just fall for each other? Maybe not.

On the other hand, you can watch Google Home and Amazon Alexa get into a never-ending loop.

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