Flashing The Peace Sign Can Get You In Trouble: Here's Why


Did you know that flashing the peace sign could be setting you up for bigger disasters?

With the advent of highly specialized and HD display cameras that are baked into smartphones, the whole idea of taking selfies can be a nightmare as it can eventually lead to theft of one's identity.

While clicking the perfect picture, most people are inclined toward capturing the moment. The instant one comes across the news revealing that taking selfies while flashing the peace sign cannot be considered a casual affair.

Selfies: Prone To Identity Theft

The smartphone cameras are now able to capture a fingerprint accurately enough for hackers to carry out any criminal activity where an ID of a particular individual is required.

In an interview, Professor Isao Echizen from Japanese National Institute of Informatics, shares details about conducting a research on extracting accurate fingerprints from the photos taken in the cameras.

According to a research, fingerprints can be obtained from a photograph which is taken within a minimum distance of 3 meters. So while an individual takes a photo with the peace sign, he or she would probably be unaware of the critical issues or threat that one shall be prone to in the near future. As in such cases, the thief will be able to pair the fingerprint with the face.

Taking selfies using a smartphone is a trend that has become rampant among people. So it is best to spread the word among people so that they are aware of the lingering threats.

Echizen along with his team announced their recent innovations pertaining to a preventive technology that shall curb such criminal activities. A substance called titanium-oxide can obscure and even create a false images of any fingerprints captured that may find its way into frames.

Tech Times reported that the latest Bellus 3D face camera lets one take 3D selfies. This is definitely a novel feature offered to users. It shows how specialized smartphones camera have become. With such technological inventions, things are not only becoming refined but also may lead to traps that would be threatening to one's identity if not handled in the proper manner.

As the biometric system is becoming widely accepted, due to which more and more security measures are to be taken. Even though it is too early to panic about this problem, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

So taking the basic steps toward securing the identity information and preventing any sort of theft threatening ones identity should be catered to as early as possible.

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