Microsoft has now released the most recent Windows 10 preview build both for PC and mobile to those enrolled in its Windows Insider Program.

The release packs a slew of features, and its roll out comes just three days after the company released a preview build that was similarly filled to the brim with new features, changes, and overall improvements to the OS.

Improvements To Edge

This build, carrying the number 15007, follows Build 15002, and it includes several improvements to Edge, Microsoft's proprietary internet browser. The Edge is a stellar browser, and more importantly, a remarkable upgrade over the laughingstock that was the Internet Explorer — but there hasn't really been an easy way to import bookmarks onto Edge. That, however, changes now.

Users may now import favorites, history, and saved passwords from other browsers, which will make the transition for users on an Edge holdout because of difficulty in bookmark imports smoother. Another feature is tab-sharing for tabs users have set aside. Simply click the "tabs you've set aside" button, and under the ellipsis menu, pick "share tabs" with many apps installed on the PC.

Users may now also opt to "Run" a download link without saving it first, and there's also a new "Save As" option that users may pick instead of just "Save."

The Windows Ink experience has also now been somewhat integrated into Edge. Tapping the pen and highlighter in Web Notes will reveal a full set of Windows Ink colors, alongside the new slider released for the program with build 14986.

Microsoft will now also allow users to zoom up to 500 percent on a particular web page irrespective of the site's zoom settings. Also, websites with links that trigger apps will now also function as intended, with the page invoking the appropriate program.

Also, for those who think the Edge's default skins are a bit lackluster, Microsoft will soon allow users to download themes right from the Windows Store.

Improvements To Cortana

Microsoft's proprietary voice-enabled virtual assistant will also enjoy a number of improvements. First off, Cortana will now display quick links in the action center that will help users pick up where they left off or resume their workflow, which is useful for people who have multiple PCs.

For example, Cortana will help users get back to their Microsoft Edge pages, SharePoint, and other cloud-based documents used recently. Case in point: users working on a PowerPoint presentation on their laptop will see a link for it on their desktop's action center in the event that they switch from PC to PC.

Additionally, app developers will now be allowed to send in-line "toast" notifications with a progress indicator, such as download or exercise progress, and more. Microsoft says that this will also be integrated with Windows Store downloads in a forthcoming build.

Microsoft also introduced improvements to Windows Hello. A visual guide will now be displayed, which tracks faces in real time, shows an improved progress indicator, and gives feedback, so that users may experience quick Hello sign-ins.

But these are just some of the improvements in Build 15007. Microsoft published the rest — quite a laundry list — on its blog, which also includes changes for Microsoft's mobile platform.

Those itching to try out the new windows 10 Preview Build can sign up for Microsoft's Insider program.

Those of you who have tried the newest build, what are your thoughts so far? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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