Microsoft is set to release a new preview build for Windows 10, carrying the build number 15002, to testers on Monday. It's the first preview the company is releasing this year, and it's one that's packed with a laundry list of features and improvements.

Tab Preview Bar On Microsoft Edge

One of the most prominent changes happens to be implemented on Edge, Microsoft's own internet browser. Called the tab preview bar, the new feature lets users get a glimpse of their other open tabs without leaving the one they're currently in, which could prove for a very useful timesaver in the long run.

Additionally, two new buttons have been added to Edge, one that'll aid users in setting multiple tabs aside for later use. This allows for a cleaner and more streamlined tab management, which is especially useful at times where one can't keep track of the number of tabs open all at once.

Blue Light Reduction Filter

Microsoft is also adding a Blue Light reduction filter option that functions similarly as F.lux. When toggled, Windows 10 will automatically reduce the amount of blue light the screen at nighttime, picking up on local sunrise and sunset schedules as a guide.

Start And Shell Improvements

As a wee improvement to the Windows 10's Start user interface, tiles may now be relegated to folders. Sure, it's a small enhancement, but one that will greatly reduce clutter on the Start menu when implemented right.

Improved High DPI Support For Desktop Apps

Building upon improvements from the Windows 10 preview build 14986, the latest build brings enhancements to high-DPI support for desktop apps. First, Microsoft has updated the Performance Monitor to render more crisply on high-DPI screens. Additionally, users may also invoke system-enhanced DPI scaling for individual GDI-based applications, apart from high-DPI support for some Windows apps that's already initialized by default.

Improved Notifications

Microsoft will also allow developers to take advantage of a new feature in the Notification Center: notification subgroups. Also, to prevent notifications from having erroneous timestamps, developers will now be allowed to override it.

Improvements To Windows Ink

Windows Ink, which Microsoft added as part of the Anniversary update a while back, will also be getting some enhancements. The pen, pencil, and highlighter can now indicate which color is selected.

Also, in Windows Ink Workspace Sketchpad and Screen Sketch, a new point erase option has been added, meaning users can choose to delete ink strokes or just fragments if they please.

Improvements To Cortana

Microsoft has also implemented some improvements to its voice-enabled virtual assistant, Cortana. App-specific commands are now more easily discoverable. For apps that integrate Cortana shortcuts, suggestions will now bubble up from Cortana for users to take advantage of. Just type in the app, and suggestions will start filtering in. Clicking a suggestion will then launch the respective app.

At present, there are a lot of apps that have Cortana support built-in, so this new feature could be a nice entry point for those who can't be bothered with shortcuts.

App-Specific Surface Dial Settings

Custom settings for individual apps will also now be a possibility with the Surface Dial. For the uninitiated, the Dial is Microsoft's rotational multi-tool that opens up a host of functions when used hand-in-hand with the Surface Studio.

These are just part of the whole preview parcel, and Microsoft has published an exhaustive list of all the improvements and changes on its blog, so that should be worth at least a once-over.

The company is expected to put the finishing touches on the Windows 10 Creators Update by the end of the month, with a planned release schedule in April. The update will be available to all Windows 10 users.

What do you think about the features in the newest Windows 10 preview build? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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