Amazon's report on the diversity of its employees shows that its workforce is mostly white and male, which is similar to the findings of other technology companies, such as Facebook and Google, on their respective employees.

According to the report, Amazon's total workforce is made up of 63 percent male and 37 percent female. On the management side, it shows a wider gender gap with 75 percent of the positions filled by males.

Amazon's workforce diversity report covers almost 150,000 employees. This number includes thousands of workers at the company's warehouses. Mostly staffed by workers from a lower wage bracket, the warehouses are likely to hold a more diverse workforce compared to the workforce found in the company's headquarters in Seattle.

Though an official announcement was not made, Amazon posted the diversity report on its website. A spokesman declined to provide comment on the released data.

"Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience," says Amazon on the website. "We are working to develop leaders and shape future talent pools to help us meet the needs of our customers around the world."

While Amazon was not able to provide the specific diversity data for its tech employees, the company was able to disclose its management composition according to gender and ethnicity. All over the world, 75 percent of Amazon managers are men.

One critic, Rev. Jesse Jackson, said that Amazon's workforce does not represent the country or the customers who visit the site. He also emphasized that the company's senior and board leadership are all white.

"It's skewed toward white male supremacy," Jackson told USA Today. "They do not look like America."

The group known as Rainbow PUSH Coalition has called on Amazon to start taking action in addressing the disparities. They have also sought for a more detailed report from the company.

"Their general workforce data released by Amazon seems intentionally deceptive, as the company did not include the race or gender breakout of their technical workforce," said the group in their statement. "The broad assumption is that a high percentage of their Black and Latino employees work in their warehouses."

Amazon's U.S. Race and Ethnicity Overall data shows a workforce composed of 60 percent white, 15 percent black, 13 percent Asian, nine percent Hispanic, and three percent other nationalities.

For the U.S. Race and Ethnicity Managers category, 71 percent are white, 18 percent Asian, four percent Hispanic, four percent black, and three percent other ethnicities.

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