It makes sense if Verizon wants to quietly implement its new policy that replaces its unlimited data plan with one that has a 200 GB cap. But T-Mobile will have none of that, dragging the issue front and center in its latest ad, trolling its competitor with great effect.

T-Mobile vs. Verizon

The ad was headlined by several talking dogs. Let us leave the analysis to academics why these characters were used and just focus on what they were talking about.

After getting barred from viewing the complete content it is streaming, one dog was greeted with a Verizon notification informing him that his data limit has been reached.

"Come on," the aggravated dog blurted out in exasperation. "Why doesn't Verizon offer unlimited data like T-Mobile?"

Six-Year Old LTE Technology

To rub more salt to the injury, the canine conversation drifted toward the quality of Verizon's network. The ad referenced the fact that Big Red's LTE infrastructure is already six years old, a period considered a lifetime in the tech world and, certainly, a big chunk in a dog's life span.

The dogs methodically drove home the idea by citing how, in comparison, T-Mobile's LTE system is newer and faster, burnishing its capability to offer unlimited data without batting an eyelash.

Verizon Responds

Verizon seemed to have bristled at what the ad has pointed out, indicating it will not simply take things sitting down.

"The word for the day is logic ... No matter how you spin it, our six-year lead in providing 4G LTE is a huge advantage to consumers, and strengthening our network with LTE-Advanced in 450 cities pulled Verizon further ahead," a Verizon spokesperson told CNET. "You remain a discount network by investing in cute ads rather than improving your spotty network."

AT&T could even get itself drawn into the fray. The carrier was not spared from T-Mobile's recent antics. The company has also likened AT&T's service to having pesky fleas stuck in your hair.

Abusing Data

T-Mobile could be successful in poaching Verizon users. But the Big Red would probably care less. It has adopted a policy of transferring users to tiered data plans if they have been consuming tons of data.

Previous reports also revealed that Verizon will have no qualms about terminating the accounts of users who have been violating the data cap after repeated warnings.

As Verizon prepares the introduction of its 5G technology and the anticipated onslaught of video streaming usage, its officials are increasingly concerned about data usage. The data cap, at the company's current technology, is seen as crucial in maintaining fast and stable internet connectivity for its users.

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