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ESA Pushes For Satellite-Based 5G Internet, Inks Deal With 16 Space Companies To Make It A Reality

The European Space Agency (ESA) champions satellite-based 5G internet and has signed a deal with European space companies to make it happen. Find out the potential gains and challenges with this technology for internet connectivity.

Internet June 23, 2017

T-Mobile Ad Takes Shots At Verizon, Asks Why Big Red Doesn't Offer Unlimited Data Like The Un-Carrier [Video]

T-Mobile used dogs to attack Verizon's decision to impose a 200 GB data cap. The carrier touted its newer and faster LTE infrastructure to highlight its credentials as a better alternative.

Internet January 16, 2017

AT&T Launches First 5G Trial For Intel In Austin

AT&T has now launched the first business customer trial of 5G wireless technology via one of Intel’s offices located in Austin, Texas. But does this mean that commercial use of 5G is in the offing?

Internet December 6, 2016

Glu To Let Users Stream Mobile Games, Take Downloads Out Of The Picture

Glu Mobile aims to revolutionize gaming by tapping future internet technology to stream gameplay. This eliminates the need to download titles on devices as it will work roughly similar to Netflix or Spotify.

Internet November 17, 2016

Qualcomm To Bring 5G Connectivity To Future Smartphones With Snapdragon X50 Modem

Qualcomm's X50 is possibly the world's first 5G modem chip. It is touted as a modern milestone because it is expected to usher in an era of unprecedented internet speed.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 18, 2016

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