Google Classroom Gets Numerous Updates: New Notifications For Teachers, Individualized Work For Students, And More


Google has always been an advocate for creativity and education. This is evident in everything it does, from providing us with easy access to information to nourishing the minds of the younger generation.

Google Classroom, the company's learning platform for people who are involved in the education industry, has seen a number of changes over the years since it was introduced back in 2014. After getting a new program interface and a wide variety of tools to make learning easier for both students and their supervisors, the platform is getting some new changes to help schools start the new year right.

Adjusting To Students

As Google has learned, not all students conform to one style of teaching. Possibly the most important update announced, teachers will now be able to assign different workloads to students based on how well they are performing.

By adding the ability to assign a specific task to an individual or a certain group of students who are struggling on a topic, teachers can make adjustments accordingly and get everyone on the same page while the students get to discreetly catch up with the rest of the class.

Getting The Teachers Organized

While students benefit from the ability to receive personalized work, teachers can now enjoy two new types of notifications that help them get better organized.

Google Classroom now gives teachers notifications that show if a student's work has been submitted after its due date or if it has been resubmitted, saving any confusion on whether or not deductions have to be made.

Keeping Administrators In The Loop

Quite a number of administrators in establishments that use Google Classroom refer to the Admin Console to see how the technology is being implemented in their schools. By adding classroom data to the Admin Console Reports, administrators will be able to know how Google Classroom is being used and how many posts and classes are being created. Google hopes this will help administrators get better insights to provide support for their staff and students.

Integrating Coursework For Developers

Lastly, Google Classroom's API will allow developers to better integrate their applications to the platform, further customizing a student's learning experience. Applications such as Flat.IO that are specifically catered to a course can add materials to submissions and modify the existing work that students have created. This allows developers to create specific templates for courses that students can enjoy.

For users of Google Classroom, how do you feel about these changes? Is there anything else that you want to see Google add into the platform? Let us know in the comments!

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