The Lollipop update for the One M8 will be released with the current Sense UI version, dubbed as Sense 6. The reason is simply because HTC has yet to port Sense 7 to the device.

Based on what the company has announced before, HTC vowed to bring Android 5.0 Lollipop to its One M8 and One M7 models at least within 90 days upon getting the final software version from Google. This means that the update should be available to users by January 2015 at the latest.

The Sense 6 Update to the HTC One family delivers an overall enhanced user experience. The UI features an updated color palate and multiple themes. The HTC BlinkFeed features an updated interface and more sources for the news. Moreover, the phone's camera, gallery and apps tray all become updated with a simplified interface.

According to @upleaks, Android L for the HTC One M8 is coming with the Sense 6 and not with the Sense 7.

"Android 5.0 update for M8 will be released with Sense 6. They haven't started porting Sense 7 software to M8 yet," says @upleaks in a tweet.

@upleaks reasons out that the manufacturer has not started in porting Sense 7 to the current HTC One M8. Moreover, it may even take a while for users to see Sense 7 in their handsets.

Likewise, HTC is yet to confirm the existence of Sense 7 which seemed to have a Material-Design-inspired look.

While everyone anticipates for the Sense 7, it may be worthwhile to take note of the apps that are featured in HTC One M8. First among these is the Sense TV. This year, the app just got tweaked with a TV guide that features the area's available channels. It even allows the user to control his home entertainment gear with the device.

The Kid Mode is an app that offers an 'anti-spending of cash' without the user's knowledge. This makes the phone safe even when the device is on the hands of a playful youngster. Made by Zoodles, it's cute, lightweight, and can be accessed from the 'power off' menu.

Fitbit is another app that is non-HTC-made. It allows the consumer to use the HTC One M8 as a pedometer.

The HTC One M8 features two music players. Users can choose between the regular Google app and the HTC-made app. Though it tends to bring some confusion, having the HTC one feature is truly a valid addition. The Google music player allows streaming of cloud-based music while the HTC app allows playing of locally-stored tracks.

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