With the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014 built into its PCs and mobile phones, Microsoft has opened an e-book store powered by disk and management features.

The upcoming Creators Update will include new utilities along with e-book capabilities.

"Windows Insiders in the [United States] can now purchase e-books directly from the Windows Store and read them in Microsoft Edge," notes the company in a blog post.

This is definitely great news for book lovers. With e-books available via Microsoft Edge and on the Windows Store, users can discover their favorite content and read them with ease.

Scheduled for a spring release, the Creators Update could be an empowering platform for entrepreneurs, creators, as well as people who desire to read and learn more.

How To Access

By introducing the e-book wing, Microsoft is trying to catch up with the digital booksellers as well as Amazon.

Windows 10 Insider users can purchase e-books from the Windows Store and read it on Microsoft Edge. This method liberates the user from any interruption like downloading a dedicated e-book app.

The purchased e-books will be stored in the new Books portion of Edge. Users can also read books and documents in PDF and EPUB formats.

What Else Does It Provide?

Enhanced Reading Experience
While navigating through an e-book, the reader can utilize the content table to scroll through the book's content before heading over to read it or look for words using the seek bar.

Some of the other utilities incorporated to this e-book wing is the inclusion of Cortana. With Cortana, Microsoft lets users learn the definitions of tricky words and also gain supplementary context. In case of a photo or video embedded in an e-book, the user can view it without much hassle.

Also, readers can apply bookmarks to the last read page and catch up where he or she had left off. One can also read the books offline.

Learning Tool
For an easier reading experience, the user can widen the text spacing. Edge provides typefaces designed to make reading text more efficient.

With Microsoft Edge built in their devices, Windows 10 users can personalize their digital content according to font size, themes, and navigation control. among other customization options.

So go ahead and try purchasing an e-book on your Windows devices and share your experiences.

Photo: Peter Pham | Flickr

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