Windows users know that Microsoft has the tendency to aggressively market its products to the point of beating down its older products just for people to accept and use the newer versions.

However, this promotion tactic only serves to fuel people's irritation toward the product yet Microsoft has not learned its lesson yet, even with Windows 10.

Windows 10 users have complained that Microsoft has been spamming them to install Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) Add-on to their Google Chrome browsers and the company is doing so through insistent pop-ups from the taskbar.

According to reports, the Microsoft's PSA extension pop-up shows up above the Chrome icon in the taskbar with the message: "Quickly Compare Prices Online. Get Microsoft's Personal Shopping Assistant for Chrome."

The one year old PSA extension is basically a price comparison application which is supposed to help users navigate through shopping sites to compare the prices for products they are interested in. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't seem to care whether the user is looking to purchase something or just wants to work in peace because the PSA pop-up telling recommending people to install the add-on will not stop until the user actually does so.

Of course, this tactic infuriated many users and they did install the extension just to leave bad reviews and complaints in the Chrome Store then uninstall it after. That part is actually not surprising and it is actually weird that Microsoft may not have seen that coming.

You can even read some colorful comments from infuriated Windows 10 users in the PSA extension's Chrome webstore page.

Then again, halfway through 2016, Microsoft Windows 10 users kept receiving notifications that Google Chrome is draining their device's battery and that they should install the Microsoft Edge browser instead. Since this pop-up against Google Chrome did not work, perhaps it is Microsoft's way of getting Chrome users to be angry at the browser. This is purely speculation, of course, but it's not too difficult to think that way since Microsoft is so good at aggressive marketing, it even criticized its own Windows 7 just to get users to switch to Windows 10.

These kinds of ads and recommendations are really annoying so it is no wonder that some people are not satisfied when they try to switch from a MacBook to a Windows device.

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