Close on the heels of its T-Mobile Tuesdays offer, where app users would be able to send treats to their friends or family on any carrier, the U.S. network operator has flagged off its new One Plan.

On Sunday, Jan. 22, the carrier kicked off its One Plan officially. The new plan perseveres to make life simpler for subscribers, as it's built on fees and taxes in the advertised plan price. Incidentally, the new One Plan launched by T-Mobile is the only postpaid plan that is on offer from the carrier.

T-Mobile One Plan: What Is On Offer?

The carrier's One Plan has different all-in price points for the varied plans, which are as follows:

The single line plan will start at $70. Those who opt for two lines will need to pay $120 all-in, which works out to $60 each. If you want three lines, then be prepared to shell out $140 each month. This works out to $46.67 for each line.

Those who have a bigger family or are looking for multiple connections can opt for four lines, which will set them back by $160 each month. This works out to $40 per line.

"With T-Mobile ONE, get 4 lines for just $40 each. Taxes and fees will be included starting with your February charges, so what you see is what you'll pay," notes the carrier.

The abovementioned price plans are inclusive of Auto Pay charges. Those who do not sign up for Auto Pay, will need to shell out an additional $5 per line each month.

Subscribers also have the option to include T-Mobile One Plus International or T-Mobile One Plus for $15 or $25 for each line each month.

Those who wish to add a non-smartphone device to their One Plan will need to pay $20 or $5 each month for a tablet or wearable. This price includes Auto Pay.

T-Mobile KickBack

Subscribers who do not use much data have the KickBack option handy. Thanks to this feature, T-Mobile will be crediting users a maximum of $10 for each line that uses 2 GB data or less in a month. This amount would be credited to the customer's next bill.

"Customers on a postpaid T‑Mobile ONE voice and/or tablet plan can opt-in to KickBack through the profile portion of the T‑Mobile app or at my.t‑ You may do so at any point in your billing cycle, but must do so before your bill cycle closes," says the carrier.

How To Avail The One Plan Offers?

Customers on the One Plan will not have the fees and taxes automatically built-in to their existing plan. To enable the same, they will have to enroll in the new One Plan from T-Mobile, which has fees and taxes included. When a subscriber shifts from the old plan to a new one, all their lines will automatically move with them.

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