T-Mobile wants its giveaways to inspire more giveaways, so next week T-Mobile Tuesdays will allow users to send gifts to others.

This means that this upcoming Tuesday, Jan. 24, T-Mobile Tuesdays app users will be able to send treats to anyone on any network, even if T-Mobile is not their carrier.

"With the Un-carrier, the customer - and now even their family and friends - always get more. The other guys don't even know how to give you something without asking for more - much less give you something you can share with family and friends," says T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

To Lowell And Randall, Thanks For Your Customers

The outspoken CEO takes his jab at "the other guys" one step further, noting that he's giving a T-Mobile Tuesdays gift to Lowell - referring to Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon - and another one to Randall - aka AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson - to thank them for sending so many customers T-Mobile's way.

Legere has never been shy about taking jabs at rivals and throughout the years, he has mocked AT&T and Verizon countless times and repeatedly criticized their practices.

T-Mobile Tuesdays Gift-Giving Is Permanent

The new option to send gifts to friends through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app is not just for next week, it's a permanent feature here to stay from now on. Customers will be able to gift their free Subway sandwiches, gas discounts, Lyft rides, and other T-Mobile Tuesdays treats each week going forward.

It's worth pointing out, however, that T-Mobile says users will be able to send "select" gifts, suggesting that the offer does not apply to each and every gift available to T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile Tuedays On Jan. 24: What Does It Bring?

For this upcoming Tuesday, T-Mobile has prepared a number of treats and will offer some gifts in two units, allowing users to gift one unit and keep the other for themselves.

On Jan. 24, T-Mobile Tuesdays users will get one coupon for a $15 Lyft ride, two coupons for gas discounts at Shell gas stations (savings of $0.25 per gallon, up to 20 gallons), and two free movie rentals from FandangoNOW. As with all T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards, users and gift recipients will be able to grab the deal until Wednesday.

T-Mobile Tuesdays On The Rise

The Uncarrier's T-Mobile Tuesdays weekly giveaways have proved widely popular since the launch back in June 2016, proving a great success. T-Mobile notes that its T-Mobile Tuesdays app raked in roughly 10 million downloads so far, topping both Google Play and App Store charts. More than 6 million users have redeemed more than 27 million gifts on Tuesdays and the hype shows no sign of dying down.

If so far T-Mobile Tuesdays has been a great tool to keep customers, but not necessarily attract new ones, the new option to give gifts to users on other carriers could entice recipients to switch teams.

Attracting new subscribers is always on T-Mobile's agenda, as the carrier is constantly trying to sway customers away from rival carriers and onto its magenta network. Just recently, for instance, T-Mobile promised a year of free DirecTV Now for customers who switch over from AT&T.

The new T-Mobile Tuesdays gift option could be just another attempt to lure in customers from rival carriers, but those who receive gifts from T-Mobile Tuesdays users are in no way required to switch to T-Mobile if they're on a different network.

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