Google And LG's Watch Sport And Watch Style Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatches May Have Been Revealed


Last week, rumors of an LG and Google collaboration that'll reportedly birth a couple of smartwatches surfaced online, with the devices poised to herald the launch of Android Wear 2.0, Google's newest smartwatch OS iteration.

Those rumors might turn out to be true. TechnoBuffalo has recently published low-resolution photos of what's purported to be the smartwatches in question. One is called the Watch Sport, and the other, the Watch Style. Purely gleaning from the alleged names, the former appears to be the fitness-focused variant, while the latter will be the more casual and aesthetically refined variant.

LG And Google's Watch Sport And Watch Style

Even with the shoddy and pixelated photo picked up by TechnoBuffalo, one can easily see the designs of the Watch Sport and Watch Style. What's more, they actually line up with a previous report from Venture Beat's Evan Blass, touting circular displays for both smartwatches, and a rotating digital crown to be used for menu navigation, alongside the devices's touchscreen as a separate input method.

On the left is what's reportedly the Watch Sport, which judging by its looks — it's hard to say with pixelated renders — will have a size that'll hover near the LG Watch Urbane 2's or the Samsung Gear S3's. Rumors pit a 1.38-inch OLED display with a 480 x 480 resolution, built-in LTE connectivity, onboard GPS, a heart rate sensor, 768 MB of RAM, a rubber wristband, and a 430 mAh battery to keep the device juiced.

The Watch Style, smaller in size, will reportedly rock a 1.2-inch display with a resolution of 360 x 360, 512 MB of RAM, and a lower-capacity battery at only 240 mAh. The photo seems to suggest that the Watch Style will be shipped with leather straps.

Both watches will reportedly rock a metal finishes for the main body, be equipped with dust and water resistance, and pack 4 GB of internal storage. In terms of hardware, there seems to be three buttons on the Watch Sport, while the Watch Style only offers a single crown. Hopefully this isn't the case, and that Google actually implements a form of standardized input methods for Android Wear 2.0

LG Watch Sport And Watch Style Unveiling And Availability

Google will unveil two LG smartwatches packing Android 2.0 at an event come Feb. 9, where it's also poised to showcase and illustrate how Assistant will function when it's accessed via a smartwatch in contrast with its present-day implementations, such as on mobile, and inside households via Google Home.

Reports say that the devices officially be for sale a day after the event, which will then be made available elsewhere later on.

The photo, revealing as it is, doesn't pack enough pixels to communicate LG and Google's design choices for the purported smartwatches. One can only hope that the devices actually look a lot better in real life.

Thrilled for the forthcoming LG Watch Sport and Watch Style? What features do you expect from the Android 2.0-powered wearables? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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