It is again the time of the year when the teeming millions head out to stores for the Black Friday event. Excitement should be in the table but there are those who are also apprehensive about the pandemonium that this will cause.

If you belong to this segment, fear not because Google has you covered.

Real-Time Crowd Information

Through Popular Times of the Google Maps, the tech company wants to help out in navigating through traffic and avoiding the hassles and stress brought about by the holiday rush.

This Google Maps feature has just been updated last Nov. 21 so that the app can now provide a real-time look at how crowded a place is so you can avoid it like a plague or at least know what you are getting in to should you decide to go anyway.

The new feature sounds so simple on paper but if one really imagine how it works or how it will make a difference in people's planning and actual activities, the possibilities are huge.

"Whether you're rushing to pick up a last minute gift or seeking a lively bar for some festive spirit, check Popular Times for a sneak preview of what to expect when you arrive," Google said in its announcement.

Google has also enabled Popular Times with a capability to determine how long people stay in a place. Just imagining how that even works or accomplished could make one giddy with amazement. To apply this in a real-world situation, let us suppose you are hunting for a hot new watering hole to celebrate with friends, this nifty feature can help you identify the best place and what to do while en route that destination because you now know the time people arrive and how long they will be hanging around.

Google Control And Assistance

The new update complements the already awesome functions packed in Popular Times, which a number have already attested to be very accurate. For instance, you will get a breakdown of crowd estimates for a specific location or establishment in the entire week so that you can choose the best day to go.

You can also find critical information on Google such as closing and opening times for establishments. This list is updated so that you are informed of any change in schedule. It is very useful not just for scheduling shopping time but also for unforeseen emergencies.

Say, in the course of your shopping, you felt dizzy or hungry, you can simply pull data from the app such as the location of the closest open pharmacy or restaurant. It should also lessen your anxiety if you encounter trouble with your vehicle as it will help you get help in the most efficient manner possible.

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