Google has announced a New Year gift for the users of its Maps across the globe. Google Maps received a massive upgrade to its ride service mode.

Since its inception, Google has always carried on the trend of modifying its Maps by adding features one after another. By tapping into the Maps, users can access all kinds of information, such as finding a restaurant, locating a particular address, getting the walking distance to a destination, and more.

Now the latest update to Google Maps will enable riders to book their ride from cab hailing services such as Uber, Lyft, and more directly from the Maps.

"Today, we're starting to roll out an updated ride services experience to make it even easier for you to book a ride directly from Google Maps, on both Android and iOS globally," shared Sara McKinley Torti, the senior product manager of Google.

McKinley also revealed that the company is eyeing new integration that will allow users to book a ride, take it, and then pay for the concerned trip without leaving the app. This is possible even without the Uber app.

She added that after signing into their existing Uber account, users can track their driver and connect with them — all from within Maps. After starting the journey, riders will get information about their destination as well.

The New Look

Thanks to the update, which Google pushed out for the Maps for iOS and Android on Jan. 12, users will see a lot more ride options.

The updated app will make it easier for the users to access handy information about their destination, such as the menu, hours, and more, when they're en route.

From now on, users will no longer be required to have the app of a particular ride service provider to book cabs online. The only thing required is an active account with that cab service provider.

Now after tapping into the Google Maps ride service mode, users will see a map along with a side-scrolling carousel of ride service options, which will include the service options such as Uber X, Uber Pool, or the Uber XL. After choosing any of the option, the app will reflect the deals that are being offered by the ride service providers.

Google introduced the ride service tab in its Map app in March 2016, which offers Uber Fare, estimates, and pickup times. Tech Times reported in September 2016 that Google Apps got updated by including the options of Lyft and Gett as well.

If Google continues to transform Maps like it is doing currently, very soon, this will become the only app a traveler will require to reach their destination.

The updated Google Maps is now available for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS on the App Store.

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