Resident Evil 7 is finally out and the reviews are good. Critics applaud the series "return to form" by bringing the game back to its roots, which is raw, psychological, survival horror.

The game will put you as Ethan Winters, an ordinary husband searching for his wife in a creepy homestead in rural Louisiana. The game's claustrophobic atmosphere, eerie lighting, hair-raising sounds, complex puzzles, and bloodthirsty enemies will surely give you nightmares -- all in high definition.

But worry not; from the collective wisdom of the brave ones who first finished the game, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you survive the game -- if you can survive the scare.

Use Your Ears

It may sound counter-intuitive, but using headphones -- for a horror game -- will help you a lot. Yes, the game will become much scarier, but you can hear footsteps, voices, or even rustles. And that can spell the difference between survival and death. Go ahead, don those headsets -- make sure your ears are on.

Use Your Legs

Just because you have a gun doesn't mean you can shoot your way out of sure death. There are monsters that you can simply avoid by running or finding a way to walk around them.

Check The Map

Like any Resident Evil game, the map is winding and full of mazes, secret passageways, and unlockable doorways. It helps to memorize the layout of the Baker house so you can backtrack quickly, or run from pursuing monsters. Also, leave the doors open -- it will allow for quick escapes.

Play Smart

You are an ordinary husband, not a trained soldier. So you don't have fighting skills, and ammo is scarce so conserve it. Also, plan your hiding spots and escape routes. If you can't avoid a fight, plan your attacks by studying the enemy.

Pro tip: use powerful melee attacks after you stagger the enemy.

Save Often To Save Yourself

Remember, saving frequently saves! Save your items. Save your steroids. And also, save often. One helpful tip is to save, then use your "psychostimulants" to reveal hidden items or doors, then reload. Now that you know where these things are, you can get these without wasting your stimulant. A given: saving before boss fights or long trips will make sure you resume your progress (these will serve as "checkpoints") in case you die.

Get The Shotgun ASAP!

It cannot be stressed enough: the shotgun is your friend. Get it as soon as you can. In the game's first big area (after the garage fight), you can pick it up without locking yourself in the room. How? Find the scorpion key in the basement "processing area" then go to Grandma's room to get the broken shotgun. Replace the broken one with the real one to keep yourself from being locked.

Resident Evil 7 is produced by CAPCOM and available in stores and downloads for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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